Crow Foot and Blood Moons

Merry meet all,

The mischievous spirits in my apartment are at it again. I do own a cat. I was in my broom closet today and for some inexplicable reason, I sense something the second I enter it. My broom closet creeps me out. I get an eerie feeling in there but my cat seems at ease. I hate that. What a better way to wonder if you are crazy than to be bettered by a chilled out cat. Then she enters the bathroom and avoids my eye. I smudged the closet with sage which set off my alarm. Oh great.

My house makes noises. It is an old building. I understand that but what I don’t understand is when those sounds don’t sound normal. Nothing explains things moving on their own or sounds of things falling and nothing having moved. I have heard the sound of a mop/ broom falling yet when I check, nothing has moved.  I found my cauldron on the floor. It had fallen from the top of the fridge to the floor on its own. I welcome all and any explanations on that one. I had no cat at that time. The cauldron is made of heavy cast iron.

I bought myself a real crow foot necklace. I love crows and even fear them a little. I shall always remember the time a crow warned me of a death. To a normal person, it might seem creepy. To me, I bought it because it IS creepy. I like creepy. I like crows and they still follow me everywhere. I plan to leave them offerings soon once the snow melts.

I have no qualms about using animal bones, animal or human skulls, or feathers in my Craft practice. I do believe that these items should be clean and free of potential parasites or disease. Once the tools are clean, they are safe to use. But I am certain it is the way our ancestors practiced and I have included a link below that tells more about it.

There are many ways that animal parts can be used in magic.  My animal skull rests by the photo of my grandfather. I am fond of it because animals trusted my grandfather, even wild animals, so it seems appropriate to place it there. I have a bone and piece of wood that looks like bone by the Odin statue.

The Full Moon this month is powerful. It is a Super Rare Blood Blue Moon. It will bring clarity and would be a powerful time to clear away what is negative to welcome in the positive. Be sure to perform an esbat.

Imbolc is the next turn in the Wheel of the Year. I plan to perform a ritual with Sacred Mists online. I also plan to celebrate Imbolc on my own. Imbolc is the first Sabbat of spring. I don’t enjoy winter but now I can anticipate the return of spring. This is the time to stock up on seeds and plan. I will post more about spring here soon.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(



Untimely Frost Poetry Anthology

Merry meet all,

I am so excited about the upcoming horror poetry anthology Untimely Frost featuring my poem Encounter with Death. I never imagined I would have a horror poem published professionally. I have to write more!! But more on that in a moment. Lycan Valley Press is publishing the poetry book this winter. The table of contents and the cover design is awesome. I can’t wait to read the excellent poems by the talented authors. I think it’s great these books are possible. How else would you know what talented authors are out there. The cover for the book is shown above. I think it’s beautiful. So please tell all, your near and dear, and your mailman about this book. It should be available on social media outlets and Amazon and other sites soon. I posted this on my Published Works page.

I tried to write more poems. I do hope to complete a book of new horror poems in the future. I visited a cemetery where I sat down on some stone steps and tried to write. I did write a poem but I know it was a halfhearted effort. What better area to write in such a genre than a cemetery? I couldn’t sit in there at night. The snow frosted the stone steps, the rusty grass, the brush. The crows perched on the headstones and flew overhead. I felt at home there. I have to try again. I doubt inspiration would come to me if I sat at home. The environment doesn’t welcome gothy macabre inspiration for scribbles. I may take a coffee for warmth and a warm long coat/ cloak. I mean c’mon, may as well smear on black nail polish lacquer too. Writing doesn’t appear by itself. I was inspired too by the efforts of this poet whose name I have to look up here. But his poems really grabbed me by the throat. The poetry book was also illustrated. The poems are amazing, rhyme and written in some style of meter and rhythm. He was emulating another poet in his book. I have to get that author’s name. I thought he was a modern day Edgar Allan Poe even though Poe was unromantic. He was just straight up morbid. I do love Poe though and now I have a new author to love.

Here is the poem (mine) that will appear in published in Untimely Frost. I feel like a real writer now. I am honored and grateful to be included in the book. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. I mean, see? This is what happens when an intelligent editor gives a writer a chance to prove themselves.

This poem went through many drafts before it hit publication. So for all you keeners out there, sharpen your pencils and grab a mocha-and a blank journal. A feathered quill is a must. Hit the local cafe or your own friendly local neighborhood spooky cemetery to write macabre musings. Good luck.


Encounter with Death

 On a dark

October eve

a sea of

somber tombstones bewitch me,

shrouded in

a morbid fog,


rooted in

stony silence.

I stumble

past crumbling crosses

and black rose

crowned graves.


Crimson leaves

bleed from gnarled trees.

Death pounces

on my psyche.


The Grim Reaper

condemns my shivering soul.


I flee through

the wrought iron gates.


I hope my dear readers make time to enjoy poetry. I shall have to write more poems now. I hope I get more published.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(

Spirits and Ghosts

Merry meet all,

I belong to a Facebook group called Hauntings, Paranormal and the Unexplained. There seems to be some misconception about spirits moving around in homes. One has to remember that spirits are not solid form like we are. They are not flesh and blood, no matter the type of spirit or ghost. Yes I do believe they can pass through walls or doors in the sense that they are not flesh and blood.

They were either once human or never human at all. I don’t know where they come from or where they go. They have appeared to me but I have always been wondering where they were before that. Or for that matter, where they go after that. I see them then they are gone. If one spirit/ ghost/ demon/ or whatever causes harm and sticks around, then I will do something. But other than that, most of them disappear as fast as they appear. I have seen many ghosts/ spirits. I am not sure why they appear. They can be frightening but in my opinion, nowhere as scary as mortals. It’s mortals who are capable of causing the most harm. If you don’t believe me, read a history book.

I don’t know what they want. The rare time I was approached by a scary ghost or earthbound spirit and I do believe it wanted to possess me or get inside me. But usually I don’t see them linger long enough to ask me what they want. I would love to know what they want. They never tell me. Objects move around, they appear and disappear, and I get a creepy feeling in my broom closet. But these things don’t tell me what they originally wanted. That tells me that ghosts were perhaps lost or trapped to wander the earth for eternity. I feel empathy for anything in that situation.

Spirits or ghosts have transcended death. They perhaps never ascend to some heavenly realm and are for whatever reason are trapped here on earth. I still can’t explain why they appear to us, unless it is for help or to pass a message onto a loved one. These reasons are logical. They are not made in solid form. I wish I could communicate with them and learn what they want. I could help them move on to light or peace.


Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(