Merry meet all,

 I recently took my cat to the vet. That was one of those things I thought I didn’t need to do. It’s not that my cat doesn’t need care, I am just money tight. But now she is fine and feline fancy!!

Our local witch shop, Neighborhood Witch. just reopened in the new space. Wow It is so magickal, beautiful and stunning. I love the new space. I am so happy for Pamela who is truly realizing her dream. If  you are in Halifax, then you should definitely head on over. She has an online website too!! The shop can be found on Facebook.

I bought a fancy black fan there, awesome bath bombs, and beautiful candles. It is worth the shopping trip. There is something for everyone. You can sit by the fire, read, or check out herbs, oils and candles. I love the store and the staff are extremely friendly.

I ordered a sewing pattern in the mail. The pattern is from Simplicity and it is inspired by Amy Brown. I will have a great time sewing this pattern. I already have a beautiful fairy costume and I want to stay with a purple theme. That way I can mix and match the pattern pieces. I will get more bang for my buck by staying with purple. The shawl is purple, the besom is purple and the costumes are going to be purple. I glanced at the fabrics at my fave haunt, Fabricville. There was not a lot of choice for purple fabric. I shall try again though. This will be ready for spring. I am excited to get started. I also have plenty of cute purple fabrics for scraps. They can still be useful.

I read a great book I highly recommend. The book is titled Witch- Unleashed, untamed, unapologetic by Lisa Lister. Women really need to read this empowering candid book. I plan to reread it till the pages fall out. The book will empower you and make you feel great. It is about reminding you that it is ok sometimes to put yourself first and to practice healthy self-care. Don’t let the dark book cover scare you off. Read it. Find your inner witch and let her out!!! No apologies to anyone.

The dark half of the year gives way to the lighter half. I am excited to soon get to work in my garden! I already spotted baby sprouts coming up. The Goddess is stirring and the sun changed direction. March is the month of spring equinox. Daylight Savings Time occurs this month too. I hope you all have plans for Ostara. I want to dye eggs and search for sprouts.

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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