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Spring Beginnings


Merry meet all,

I’m almost finished sewing my Amy Brown inspired faery costume. I love it and it looks beautiful. It was hours of effort. 

I’m talking hours here. I was up one night this week till 1 am, then I sewed all the next day and a good chunk of the day after too. Today is my day off from my project. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I have work yet to do on the corset, fix the sleeve of the blouse, hem the skirt and embellish the fabric. It will take time. Patience is key.

It’s raining hard today. I preferred to take the time to eat, read, and not shop till I drop. Now that last one is so not me. But when it rains in Nova Scotia… it rains. It is too dark to sew so here I am!!

The movie Mary Shelley opens in theaters next month!! I can’t wait to see it. I am a huge Mary Shelley fan. I don’t want to read any reviews, or whatever. I shall make my own opinion. I am a fan and I plan to be there. I have so many points on my scene card. I can go for free. I got the card from the theater. Who can argue with a free movie? I like Elle Fanning too.

The Full Moon is coming!! Be sure to cleanse your stones. Beltane is almost here. I’m attending a public Rit and I shall post all about it here. I will wear my new costume there too. I shall post photos here of me at the Rit. Beltane is such a social Sabbat. I can’t see how we can spend it solitary.

Spring is here! That alone is cause for celebration. I can’t wait till May to clean up my garden, help the stirring buds and clear away the leaves. The tiger lilies, tulips and haskap berry buds are already pushing their green heads from the soil. So I will be busy with helping my garden grow. Oh I can’t wait.

There’s much to look forward to.  I hope you all get to enjoy it too.

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Blessings, Spiderwitch


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Poetry amongst Death







Merry meet all,

Recently I visited a cemetery again to write more poetry. I wore my cloak and a long dress. I bought a coffee and sat down on my favorite stone to write. I wrote with a quill pen and just jotted down my initial impressions and observations. The crows flew over the field, an oak leaf kept fluttering up to me till I kept it in my journal. A dog greeted and sniffed me and passerby passed me on their way to their own destinations.

I don’t own a fancy journal. I bought mine at the local dollar store. The quill pen is a nice touch. I felt very much like Jane Austen or Emily Bronte as I wrote with my quill pen.

The cemetery is a nice place to write. Yes I guess I am morbid but you know what? I refuse to apologize for it. Why should I? I just live my life the way I want to. I do love poetry and fiction. I love the darker stuff. I like Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe. I have to edit what I write later. That I can do at home. The cemetery is the place for inspiration or just observing my surroundings. I don’t know if Austen or Poe ever wrote there but I like to.

I don’t just notice the many headstones. The mottled leaves, stones, twigs, crows, and the clouds catch my eye. I always notice nature,  I just can’t help it. It was a warm day. I saw a haze for a second over the whole cemetery then it faded. The rough grass was covered with twigs, stone worn by time and dead leaves. I do observe nature, don’t I? I guess that’s part of being a poet.

I wish that you all find your own Zelda, your own spot for inspiration. I can tell you I don’t think it happens in a box. I mean you can’t, well you could, try writing in the same spot and expect results. I also sat down at the waterfront and watched the waves splashing. It is ok to go and try new things and keep an open mind about where to write. You might be surprised at what results you get.

BB Spiderwitch



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Horror as Inspiration


Merry meet all,

As many of you know or are new to this, I love the paranormal. It is my top fave thing in the world next to fresh hot coffee, cats and guinea pigs, and sitting by a window in a restaurant. The idea of ghosts as a possible reality is fascinating to me. Death is an unexplored frontier. It is hard to say what happens to us after we die.

That may be why some of us write- to know or to explore possibilities of what happens to us after we die. We see it in fiction and movies. We will never know what truly happens till we cross the veil of death to the Other side. This excludes near death experiences and out of body experiences.

There are many tales and mythologies as a way of explaining death. The famous tale of Persephone who rules over the dead in Hades’s Underworld, Hecate- Queen of All Witches, the falling of the grains in the field, the Crone’s dark blue cloak of winter that isn’t shed till spring’s arrival.

Don’t forget that there is life as well. There can never be one without the other. It is a fact of life. Now if you want to write about it in a story, here are some hopefully inspirational ideas to guide you.

What is your main idea? Don’t be afraid to let it take you a long time to discover what it is you want to write about. It took me two years. Sketch out your main characters. Figure out your main plot, setting and theme. Be flexible.

One enormous hurdle I overcame while writing  my story and entering into the revision phase, was knowing how to edit a novel. It was an obstacle the size of Mt. Everest. I searched all over the internet for information. I read books on it. I photocopied articles from Writers Digest magazines and read the articles on the bus home. I applied then what I learned about editing to my ms. I found what worked and what didn’t. I still search for information on editing. It wasn’t handed to me, I had to learn the hard way. And I did.

One great thing I can recommend for anyone editing their own novel right now is this: Never mind that i won a contest for a free content edit. I think the other awesome prize was when I stumbled across a book. That book is the Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore by Elizabeth Lyon. Never attempt an edit without a copy of this book. I hated it at first and dreaded it even. Now I would never live without it. I will never edit without it.

Manuscript Makeover assumes you already have a draft of a ms. It is easier to go ahead and use the book on your ms. You won’t be sorry. It is superior to every other revision book out there on the market. It is the ultimate source of professional reliable information on novel editing. It won’t let you down. I wouldn’t use any other source now but that book. So don’t be intimidated by the thick volume or the way the material is presented. That is how much of a gem this book is. I have one problem with the ordering of the chapters but that is all. I love the book. Do the revisions after you have a draft of a ms.

So depending on whether you want to pen a thriller or a novel about zombie Nazi policemen and this is no limit on gender here, I want to talk about making your monster.

You could be inspired by anything. This is assuming that you are creating some type of monster for your tale. You have the power to create something. You have the power within you. It is where it all begins, in your imagination. I happened to come up with the idea of a seaweed ridden melancholic ghost for my novel. Your creation could be something different.

It will be unique to you. Don’t copy from movies or stories. Be original. Feel brave enough to come up with something that is uniquely you. It can slither across rooms, be tentacled and have twenty eyes or it can be a stealthy stone cold serial killer. You also need a protagonist, the hero of your story or maybe the monster is the dark unlikely and misunderstood antihero. When you try writing one of these stories, you will understand after a while that you have much freedom to create anything you want. Have fun with the process.

Whatever you do, whatever you create, stay true to your monster. Get to know him- and your hero and other characters. He is your creation and unique to you. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses. They add credibility. Keep track of the unique abilities of the monster/ vampire/ vampire slayer/ weredog. Read books like On Writing Horror by the Horror Writers Association and Writing the Paranormal Novel by Steven Harper. They are valuable sources of help with this kind of genre.


Good luck

BB, Spiderwitch

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