Pure Moon magick )O(

Merry meet all,

Yesterday afternoon I found myself at the neighborhood cemetery again. There I sat, quill pen + notebook in hand, as I surveyed the scene before me. I perched on some stone steps. At first the afternoon was sunny. Then it turned cloudy. The sky was as gray as some of the headstones.

I spotted an earthworm on the step. I thought it was dead. Its skin glistened in the sun. Upon closer observation, I noticed the earthworm was alive and wriggling. I studied it for another moment then compassionately lifted him onto soil to avoid him being trampled. He no doubt appreciated my kindness.

I tried to write, I honestly did. I ended up writing prose, not poetry. Kids played in the cemetery and the parents talked and supervised. I stared out at the mass of headstones, trees and grass before me but the flowy metaphoric words didn’t come. I don’t know what it was but I still made a valiant effort.

The sky clouded over. The afternoon wore on. I sipped a coffee as I am now and waited for the words. I could have been distracted. The muse may have been sleeping off a drunk. I don’t know what it was but the words weren’t there. I however had not lost my powers of observation. That is one half of writing prose or poetry- being observant of the world around you.

 Writing is a struggle, more like a wrestling match. The words don’t always come. However that doesn’t mean the magic won’t happen later. That is why it is important to keep trying. The more you practice, the easier it gets. The same is true with soccer or calligraphy.

Tonight is the Full Moon of May! I wish you all a powerful Full moon esbat tonight. Blessings to all


Belief in the Paranormal

Merry meet all,

I am a fan of the paranormal, as my blog readers all know. Today I want to post about why I choose to believe in it and how I handle the paranormal occurrences in my life that I have become accustomed to. While I know I have mentioned some odd events around my home, I do believe in also looking first for a rational explanation to explain it.

I just read two interesting articles online about why some people believe more in the paranormal than others. The group of people who believe are more prone to a certain type of cognitive thinking. They may be more intuitive than reflective. The ones who are skeptics are more likely to be more reflective thinkers. The intuitive thinkers go more with their gut feeling and are more likely to believe there is a paranormal explanation for everything. A more reflective thinker will find a logical solution for everything first. This is similar to right brain and left brain thinking.

I manage to achieve both intuitive and reflective thinking. Some could argue that when the cast iron potbellied cauldron fell from my fridge, that it was the fridge’s vibrations that caused it to fall. If that is the explanation of why that occurred, then why didn’t anything else fall from the top of the fridge? But I digress. I had no pet cat at the time nor mice. No mouse could make that cauldron fall due to the cauldron’s weight. That would be some remarkable feat on the mouse’s part. I know it seems boring and counterproductive to my blog to include such analysis but it is still necessary. Remembering to be a bit analytical while still enjoying the paranormal can actually enhance your experience of the paranormal because you can be freer to enjoy it. If a draft blows into a room, it may not be a cold spot. There might be a door or window left open that blew in a breeze. So remember to use common sense when first looking for an explanation of why something happened.

There are many skeptics who are out to debunk the existence of Bigfoot or explain away out of body experiences. I say let them be. They are just as entitled to their beliefs and views as we all are. They have the right to criticize and analyze everything as we have the right to Ouija boards. Science seeks an explanation to everything. Science might just come up with some excellent arguments and amazing ideas on things. There has to be a balance between science and intuition. I think science is changing and becoming more accepting of life after death with the invention of Kirlian photography. They believe they can now capture the spirit leaving the body after death with the use of Kirlian photography. Power to them. I would love to see that.

I also believe that some people seek a paranormal explanation for EVERYTHING that happens. I mean everything. This is not healthy. This is a tad obsessive. I see this all the time on paranormal Facebook groups. I do love the world of the supernatural but I am not super obsessed about it. I obviously love it or I would not be writing this blog. But I just still believe in being practical to a certain degree. We are all capable of being rational and intuitive. Some use one more than the other. It is important to maintain some objectivity.

On the other hand, I still hear sounds that my rational mind makes herculean effort to explain. This is so when my cat is in a room with me and I hear a sound from another room. I will know at the time we are the only living beings in the residence. I decided that the sounds at night had to be the house settling. Houses do settle at night. That can explain creaks and groans. Pipes can cause creaks and groans too. I can’t explain everything I have experienced or witnessed like the shadowy person that appeared in my kitchen when a friend was over. I hear a sound of a mop or broom crashing to the floor during the day. I can’t explain that one either especially when I check the room and nothing has moved. If any of you dear readers have an reasonable explanation for that, then I welcome your comments on this post. I truly do welcome your views.

I believe in polarity and balance. I believe in the light and the dark, logic and intuition, and universal love. I believe all are necessary to maintain harmony. We can’t have light without dark and vice versa. I need sunlight to go to the bank during the day but I need nighttime to perform an esbat under the milky orb of the luminous full moon. (Which reminds me…)

This post sums up my beliefs in the paranormal and why I believe in a balance between logic and intuition. I hope that many people out there can also find their own balance, their own harmony. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch



Spirits of all creepy stripes

Merry meet all,

How many of you have seen a spirit or ghost? I have. I also wonder of the difference between spirits and ghosts. I believe a spirit is a soul who has transcended an earthbound existence in some way. I believe a ghost is a soul who is trapped in an earthbound existence and hasn’t crossed over to the Light in some way and for whatever reason.

I also believe that a spirit is more helpful while a ghost may want help with unfinished business for whatever reason. The late Hans Holzer who wrote many books on the subject emphasizes the same belief as me- that spirits are those who crossed into the Light and the earthbound are those who remained behind. We live with free will and we die with free will. Now that we know the important difference between ghosts and spirits, let’s take a look at other beings.

Demons, for example, in my opinion, are beings that were never mortal/ human and are capable of great trickery or manipulation. They don’t possess objects, they want to possess your soul to gain a human form and then infest a home or a person with their evil. They try to  make a person do terrible things, such as murder or suicide. I don’t really encourage anyone to attempt contact with these types of beings. No good will come of it.

Forerunners are those who may manifest or appear before a death has occurred as a form of warning. A forerunner can be a sign, an omen, a portent of something to come.

OK we have looked at the different types of beings like ghosts and demons. I have seen somethings I can’t explain though. They don’t always fall into those neat definitions. I can’t explain everything I encounter or see and maybe that’s a good thing. I decided that 99% of what I do encounter must be an earthbound spirit. I saw some in my backyard, I feel a ghost behind or around me when I leave my neighborhood cemetery. One time I was alone at night in my apartment and I happened to glance out my window to the backyard. Now a shed is back there on the far back right side. A lovely maple tree graces my garden in front of the shed. I could have been confused by the shed and the tree and tricked myself into thinking I saw something. My friend came over and safety checked my whole apartment indoors and out. He saw nothing. When I reflected on it later, I believed that what I saw was meant for me to see only. 

I used to live with my Mother in a gorgeous restored Victorian home. I sat on the bed beside her one night in her room as she slept. Often we youngsters and even as we were older were always napping in her room. We believed the house to be truly haunted. I sat and looked out into the backyard on the dim yet moonlit night. After a while, something happened. A face took form. It stared back at me with a snarl. I stared back then decided sleep was a better choice than staring something down that was supernatural and who was determined to be unhappy. I saw no body to the ghost, just a face.

We used to feel chased as we came up the stairs from the basement in that house. That changed once we seriously renovated the basement. I envy the new owners of that home who probably have no clue of the continuous spooky occurrences we had in the past. It’s unfair. It makes me feel a certain way because nothing bothers the new owners. That is the way that life is though. You have to find a way to deal with that. I have moved on, having been too in love with that home to want to return to see it now. It would be different now.

Back to the present time: I even have my kitty in the same room with me and I hear things bang or move in another room. I also can’t explain that. I look and nothing appears to be moved or changed. I used to hear a mop or broom crash to the floor and I would get up and look and nothing had moved. I had no cat at the time. I also can’t explain that. It is possible these poor beings want our attention and do that to get our attention. They might want help but not know the best way to ask for our help. They deserve our empathy. It must be frustrating to be dead and yet trapped in a realm. A spirit guide or a spirit or a medium is needed to help them cross over to a place of peace. So don’t jump to any conclusions about a spirit or ghost you see. You never know if it is truly unhappy, even if it seems mischievous!!

The next and last being I want to discuss here is poltergeists. The word poltergeist is German for noisy ghost. It’s a type of being that’s responsible for noisy disturbances ( explains a lot abut my apt.,) and rappings or knockings. A poltergeist haunting differs from a classic haunting. Some hauntings are residual in nature. The ghost keeps doing the same thing over and over in the same spot. I believe they don’t know they are dead. Some of them are the work of a poltergeist. They know they are dead and don’t care. It is their mission to make your life uncomfortable.

I hope this helps answer any questions any of you have about elemental or spirit beings. I can’t wait to get my paws on some ghost hunting equipment. I want a ghost detector EMF thing so bad. I could probably buy something on Ebay or Etsy. When I do get something, you will all know.

Happy ghost hunting!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

Link of Interest: http://www.destinationamerica.com/thehauntist/9-fascinating-ghost-hunting-tools-you-should-know-more-about-2/

Rune Lore of Yore

Merry meet all,

I’m studying some extension courses at the Sacred Mists College. The extension courses are free. One of the courses is Runes. I was inspired to make my own runes, and I cut a 24-inch branch from a dead tree. Well the small branch was from a larger dead branch. I asked the tree branch for permission and I left a coin in the soil.

Once my nice carpenter handy neighbor has cut the branch into 25 different sections, I  plan to carve off the bark, sand each piece and stain the wood. I plan to use a wood burner and an Exacto knife to etch in each rune and then use acrylic paints to decorate the runes. Ahh but our ancestors didn’t believe in glittery runes- or in glittery Edward Cullens either. I am going the way my ancestors of yore did and making the runes a natural set. I have a sealant and I hope it’s enough to use for the runes. I am excited about this project. I do need to obtain a wood carving set and get some sandpaper. I might already own some. I promise photos when I am done of my runes!

I also glued a small tapered quartz crystal to my wand. That made my wand appear ‘finished’.  I still have to finish my faery crown. The string broke and the tiny beads are free. It is a nightmare. I am picking a calm time to tackle that project. ( Of course, I am crazy excited about my rune set.)

I own a lovely moonstone set but I am excited about the new  wooden rune set. I get to work more of my own energy  into the rune set. It was part of the runes extension course but I thought I would try this. I own the Poetic Eddas and I will now have to get down to reading them. I’d love to learn more of my Viking ancestry and I guess creating rune sets and studying runes is one way to achieve that.I have been listening to some truly cool Viking music on Youtube too.

I am as excited as anyone else to see how my rune set turns out. I cant’ wait. My neighbor recently drilled a hole through nine hazelnuts for a home protection charm for me. They were all strung on a string. I really  love my neighbors. In the past, he helped me with my witch broom too.

I promise to post here more about my project. I will also post on the Sacred Mists online forum. My garden is growing beauteously and Penny now spends her days perched atop her throne/ scratching post. She imagines she gets to chase the birds always out of her paw grasp as she gazes out at the world around her.

I hope this inspires you all to create your own magick!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch



Props for a Poet

Merry meet all,

Through the centuries, many authors have used a quill pen or regular pen and a notebook or a typewriter to write down their inspirational musings. Today we have laptops- and pens and notebooks, but the laptop seems the most popular choice. Today I decided to share with you what else I use to help me write. As I type, I am seated at a desktop computer at the library. I would do this stuff at home.

I like the dark side. I like to write dark stuff as you all know. I write poetry and I try to write dark fiction. I have some objects that do help me get to  a dark place. I have a human skull that isn’t real but is very realistic looking. I love it but its eyes creep me out. That is probably because no one likes to be reminded of their mortality.

I burn candles as I write. Who can deny the magical power of a flame? You can burn a black or red candle as you write if you also aspire to scribe dark verse. A purple candle works too. Don’t ignore a white candle. Every candle has its’ own power. Remember to cleanse, consecrate and charge every candle you use in your life. I also use oil burners and incense that correspond to working on the latest fantasy or horror story. The scents could be mandrake (be careful-toxic), patchouli, parsley, mint, mugwort, clary sage, myrrh, sage, black pepper or clove. You could blend these or invent your own signature blend. They help release your tension and get you in a writerly state of mind. I own a smaller skull statue with a raven on the head. I find reading the works of other writers helps me to write better. That is why I have so  many books to study and learn from. I don’t just read for enjoyment.

If you are like me, you could make your own candles and incense cones. I could include more information here on how I made them. You could come up with another signature blend. Cinnamon is sacred to Hekate. She might enjoy the aroma and offering of a cinnamon incense cone. Incense cones are easy to make and cheap. I used cinnamon that was ground and gum arabic- easy to get and make. 

I sometimes use a quill pen and I sometimes still write in a journal before putting it on a folder on a laptop. Quill pens convey a more slower, romantic time when they were used more often. If you wish to write on a typewriter, go ahead. I think the quality of writing was better when we used typewriters than laptops because it took more effort. Now we print something off and think it is complete. Nope. I still edit with a red pen on paper.

Have you ever considered using bat wing clothespins to store your fantabulous musings? I mean, paperclips work too, but for all those who are goths at heart, that might be fun. I also use cool mugs and organizers to hold my pens, pencils, Cds and other markers. You could use color coded ( and I am not referring to computer folders here), but actual file folders. They are a great way to store your stories or poems. If you do print out and review and edit what you wrote and it’s on paper, your writing will be stronger.

If you like to have a magickal or artistic looking notebook, but you bought it at Altars R Us (the dollar store), and it’s plain as shit, consider this idea. Peruse through your tarot deck. Find an image you like. Scan it in and print it out in color and then glue it to your notebook or on the inside. Go ahead, scribble and draw on the plain pages some spiders, pentacles, bats, or moon crescents, whatever speaks to you, and before you know it, it will be as magickal as a tome from your witch shop- and half the price.

Another suggestion is to meditate indoors or outdoors, utter a prayer to a special deity, god/ goddess you follow or cast a circle every time you sit down to write. I have read these tips and believe them to be beneficial. Your writing space can be as sacred as your altar space. Even Writers Digest magazine mentions these tips. Only  I knew all this beforehand. 

Now when you do sit at your desk, keep your health in mind. Make sure your desk and computer are ergonomic and that you are comfortable. Take breaks and go for a walk to relax your body. Don’t believe you have to an opium addict to write like Byron. Don’t burn your apartment down from the candles. Take care of your health. Drink water and get lots of exercise. Be sure to eat healthy. I once spent a few days in bed in serious pain due to sitting too long at a computer. It is important to practice self-care. There’s nothing cool about being unable to move due to severely seized up muscle pain in your neck. Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t get too depressed. Gone are the days when it was believed writers heavily engaged in substance abuse. Well I do enjoy some wine but I am not going to drink it nonstop for 72 hours. Ain’t gonna happen.

It is important to protect your health from computers. They give off blue lights that can be harmful to your health. Staring at your ipod five secs before bedtime can seriously affect your health. I believe computer mouses cause excema. It is said in feng shui that computers shouldn’t be in bedrooms. Well I can’t help that. But we could use cool cover cloths on laptops for night time. I decorated my black  laptop with moon phase stickers. It looks witchy cool. 

I sometimes use tarot cards to help me come up with writing ideas. I own a ghost tarot deck and it was perfect for when I wrote my novel. The images were spooky and eerily beautiful. A tarot card could sometimes spark an idea for a story or poem. You could use a plant in your apartment or den, a pen holder, an open window for inspiration, a leaf, a bud, a letter opener. You never what will strike your fancy. There are books to help you use tarot cards to write.

I hope these ideas help you in your own creative projects. They work for me. They may have worked for other writers too. !!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

The Good Faeries of the Garden

Merry meet all,

I know it’s a few months till Samhain. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be looking for the spooky happening around you now. In case you don’t believe me, I had a freaky incident recently. I found my copper skull spoon in my garden. I have no idea how it got there. I retrieved it, washed it all the while wondering how’d that happen? So it might be more common than you think. I blame the faeries and brownies.

The movie Mary Shelley opens in theaters soon. I am counting the days and hours till then. I am eager to get to work on my garden. If you are seriously into spirits and faeries, well, working in your garden is a great way to interact with them. Trust me, they are around. And not to mention the spirits in the plants themselves. So that is a lot of spirit work.

I recommend waiting till May Full Moon to do any garden work and planting. There is still a risk of frost. The May Full moon could be a powerful time for inviting the faeries and other helpful nature spirits to your garden. Leave a libation of honey and milk or mead and bury crystals in the soil. Clean the garden, use no pesticides and actually care for your garden. Decorate your garden with artificial lights, wooden pentacles or hang crystals from trees. Add some fairy statues and they will not be able to resist. Faeries care for the earth more than us mortals ever will. So showing you care is a great way to get their help. Then be consistent. If you find certain plants growing unusually well and your garden seeming like it’s more protected than others, it is a good sign the Good Folk are there. I have left my apartment door unlocked (unknowingly to me and unintentionally) and I have never been robbed. I don’t know how I did that. I usually do lock my door. But I am sure something is guarding my place.

One good idea if you like the darker side, is growing dark colored plants. You could grow black hollyhock or black roses. Use your imagination.

If you see pretty bright lights and the birds and insects flock to your plants or bird feeders, they are there. You will know by the auspicious signs you see. But you have to actually be outside to witness the signs. So every time you have some extra organic scraps, offer it to your garden. Keep the feeders full and remember to leave crystals in the soil. They will charge the soil and plants. Leaving offerings to your garden keeps a balance between you and the spirits. Be good to the earth. Try composting and recycling. Honor the spirits. Keep your garden clean and free of debris.

When it is harvest season, you can again leave a libation and thank the spirits for their aid. Decorate your garden with pumpkins, gourds and flowers of the season. The Full Harvest Moon has been allowing farmers to harvest their crops for centuries. There are lots of spirits and perhaps ancestral spirits everywhere. I love the harvest time. I can sense energies so easily. I see them in my house too.

I hope this helps you and keeps you busy during the growing season.

Blessings, Spiderwitch

Fearless Wordsmiths

Merry meet all,

I attended a Beltane Rit on the weekend which was lots of fun. I can’t wait to see the Mary Shelley movie. I like Elle Fanning. I think she is a great actress. I definitely think she is a talented actress and I think Mary Shelley is a great writer. I would kill to be half of what she is. She wrote that amazing legendary novel when she was sixteen. She must have had some serious resistance against her. A woman writing such a novel at that time? Forget it. Still, she endured. Good for her.

Her novel continues to fascinate readers to this day. Her novel of a man defying God by creating a reanimated abomination is timeless, fearless and powerful. I feel the same way about my writing. But in that time, that was unusual. I wish she knew what an impression she left on the world. The poor authors of that time such as Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, or Byron or Keats. They are still read to this day.

That is the type of author I want to be. I want to be timeless. I love the more classical authors. There are only a select few of horror authors today that I respect and admire, – and King lives at the bottom of the list. I love the novel Anna Dressed in Blood and this one I can’t recall about modern day faeries and the novel The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney.

I love those modern novels. Love them. But mostly I love the older more traditional authors like Poe and Shelley. I think that is more my style. I want to write like them. They not only knew grammar but they knew how to be damn compelling- or they wouldn’t still be popular and emulated in this time. If you want to learn how to write, read Jane Austen or Emily Bronte. They probably were naturally in the literary social circles  and they were way more educated than us now. We aren’t even taught cursive in schools now. It is a crying shame. We are not offered the same level of education. Our level of education and the way we are today is considerably lower than then. I am not saying we have to dress and act like them but think about it- there’s a reason why they are still read.

It takes courage to go into those dark places of the human heart.

So I will continue to sit in the cemeteries, quill pen and coffee in hand, and a blank page before me. I will fill those pages. I have no fear- well, except of that intimdating blank page. Onwards, dear readers.

Blessings, Spiderwitch


Beltane Fires

Merry meet all,

Yesterday was National Paranormal Day. I hope you all found a way to celebrate it. I tried to, if watching Maleficent and sewing beads on a fairy costume counted. Paranormal Day is every day for me.

I visited my fave witch shop for cat and moon stickers. I also selected an apple. Yes I will accept an apple from a witch who works in a witch shop who wears black. I trust her. I’m still breathing. I love the skull ring and skull earrings I bought there. She made her store so  beautiful and witchy. I could spend hours just admiring her merchandise and the way she designed the shop. Wow. If you are interested in learning more, I have posted a link to her witch shop here- you won’t be sorry.

Magickal Merchandise Link: http://www.neighborhoodgeneralstore.com

I’m attending a Beltane Rit on Sunday afternoon. I hope all to heck that the weather is cooperative after all the effort I went to. I can’t wait till the whole outfit is completed. I will never stop wearing it most likely. I promise to post pics when I am done. I have added embroidery and beads to the upper peplum skirt and it looks so cool.

I have been asked to help with calling a Quarter at the Beltane Rit on Sunday. Of course, I would love to help. Fire is my element and is the best element of them all. Fire changes and transforms. Fire can create or destroy life, much like water and air. Earth to me is resolute and determined, slow changing and enduring. It takes more for the change. But fire is the embodiment of inspiration, the spark, the fire necessary for mutable things and change. Fire can be like a volcano or a slow burning ember. I love the element of fire and have always loved candle magick. Air, when I think of how the element of Air causes change, it could be the thunderstorm or tornado or a simple breeze. Water can be a maelstrom or a pond. But if you toss a rock into a calm lake, ripples spiral outward. So fire, air and water act as catalysts for transformation. Earth remains strong, stalwart, the grounding for such change to happen.

I love the Wiccan worldview. Now that I live this way, my life makes so much sense. It makes the most sense. I will never stop and I will never settle for mediocrity. I will always be a Witch. I can’t see myself living any other way. I wish you all a merry memorable and magickal Beltane weekend. Best of blessings to you all.

Blessings, Spiderwitch