Merry meet all,

I’m reading a book by Zac Bagans ( no relation to Bilbo Baggins lol). The book is titled I am Haunted by Zac Bagans. He is an amazing dedicated paranormal investigator. A paranormal investigator is just that- it is defined online as this: “Ghost hunting is the process of investigating locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. Typically, a ghost-hunting team will attempt to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity.

I love his book which I am almost finished reading. The whole book skips along at a brisk pace, leaving you either scared, in tears or with baited breath. I love the stories he recounts of his amazing paranormal or not so paranormal experiences such as encountering true spirits/ ghosts/ demons or odd people and genuine experiences with ghosts affecting electrical equipment. Anyone with an even slight interest in the paranormal (like me, lol) should read this book. He shares many stories but also real advice and wisdom gleaned from years of experience in his field. I have been shocked, moved to tears or genuinely scared by the anecdotes. He is truly dedicated and knowledgeable.

Each chapter is only a few pages long. That is what keeps me reading. The anecdotes pack an emotional punch. His voice comes through in the stories he shares which are sometimes hair raising or emotional. The book is honest and yet leaves you almost a believer in ghosts. I know for myself ghosts exist and I find myself relating to his experiences. I wish I could meet him, share coffee and swap true ghost stories and sit in a tavern. I know what it is like as I myself have had glimpses of the astral realm and not all of them ‘pleasant’. He is the real thing and not trying to toot his own horn. I want to buy this book. I am reading the copy from the library. I would love to add this book to my shelf.

He shares his experiences as an investigator about people, life and death. He does speak with wisdom and you can’t help but feel the honesty in each of his stories. He can be cocky and ready for a fight or quiet and wanting to hide from the world- that last one I understand only too well. Speaking of monsters, he writes about a time he may have connected with Satan himself- this book is not for the faint of heart. I was at Tim Hortons when I had a nasty unexplained experience there. I didn’t see a demon offer me coffee. I just like to think the employee was possessed. I ordered and paid for a coffee and a cream cheese bagel. I paid and got my bag. I should have looked in the bag. I limped to the library and opened  my bag once at a desk. I received a muffin so I returned and showed them. Here is the good part: I was told I had never ordered a coffee (which was in my hand) or a bagel. What the hey? They found no record of the transaction on their tills. ???? I was just there and they even remembered seeing me there. Ok so I start arguing with them. Yes I was there, yes I did order a bagel- not the muffin, and I set the coffee down and never even got a refund. As I am staring at her, bewildered, I think I see something hovering over her, dark and casting a shadow over her. That is why I think that something possessed that woman to torture me. It sure explains a lot about the way I was treated. I got more money from my Mom for a lunch but forgot the cream and sugar and had to limp around more. Then it was this and that. Oh that afternoon it took me a lot to calm down. I saw black I was so angry.

These stories are the type of stories in the book I’m reading. I like to think hell is on earth – up here, not in the core of the earth. Yup that is my belief but it is not carved in stone. You may argue or agree with me, but the minute I am out in society, every single day, I go through hell. I suffer because of peoples’ ignorance and sheer selfishness and  – I could go on. I hope you all don’t have to go through what I or Zac Bagans has to endure.

Blessings Spiderwitch


Entering the astral realm

Merry meet all,

Ah Fall, what don’t we love about this season? Mabon is here, the latest turn in the Wheel of the Year. The next major much anticipated Sabbat is Samhain. I think that the time between Mabon and Samhain is the most magical.

Lately I have been interested in learning more about the ether, the ethereal realm, or also known as the astral realm. That’s because I seek explanations for some scary paranormal experiences. I want to learn even more. I took a peek at a book by Jeff Belanger, an encyclopedia of nightmares and such. I wrote down the title and want to buy the book. It didn’t answer my questions as the material in the book was nothing I didn’t already know. That is the frustrating thing about it. I may have to accept I am going to receive the answers I want, and the answers lie …… somewhere.

I think that the astral realm is where we go when we die. I don’t know about some people but I don’t want to go there. I will take Hekate’s realm of death over that. I may have no choice. I am not in a hurry to die but when it is my time, I don’t want to be there. The experiences I have had have been anything but happy. Rather, it was terrifying and traumatizing. I think that nasty spirits that were or may never have been human exist there and are waiting for inexperienced fresh souls to cross over. They lurk and wait. Not a comforting thought.

I can wait. I want to learn but from books or something… safe..

And yet here we are, inching closer to the time of here when the veil wears thin once again. I better create potent magickal enchantments and charms on my home. Yup I can see myself smudging (not that useful), putting salt on windowsills and doors and doorways, etc. I want to find something more powerful. I see spirits in my home yet when I sit down to my ouija board, nothing happens. I am changing that- without ending up in trouble. I tend to treat divination tools with respect. That is why I have not had many problems.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(


Autumn’s Enchantment

Merry meet all,

Alas, the dark half of the year is here. I looooooooooooooove this time. I am suddenly beset with all this writing for horror markets because that’s what I do, even all year round. But when it comes to horror fiction and Halloween, the 2 have gone hand in hand for many  years.

The trees’ leaves are turning. Pumpkins appear bedecking grocery carts and front decks of houses. My garden is readying for fall and a well earned rest. Well I have had my 3 months of rest and I am only too eager to be on my feet. The stores are starting to carry Halloween stuff and horror movies fill the theater screens. I’m only too eager to visit my fave shops for a new supply of spooky Halloween gear. I also want to get my ouija board going. It does not seem to want to work. I am surprised because I thought I would have a good time with the ouija board. I shall keep trying. I watched a few videos on how it’s done to see if I had done anything wrong but no. Hmmm

I know my apartment is haunted. I have seen spirits/ ghosts / strange things with my own eyes. I have felt them too. For instance, last Samhain, as I performed a  ritual, something hit my foot and it wasn’t my cat. I backed away in fear. I looked and saw nothing but I sure felt something tap my foot. So that is why when I ordered the ouija board, I was sure something would happen. It may take a long time for the board to get used to me or for a spirit to have the energy to contact me. But contact me they can.

When I held the Halloween/ Samhain fortune telling supper, I saw them – the spirits , had also invited themselves over for the spooky Samhain soiree, and I was pleased. I had no  problem with that. I gifted someone the ouija board and I kept the cat one. I want to buy some selenite for my ouija board. I don’t know who handled it before me or how old it is.

But then let us not forget I do have a cat. Cats protect the home and even more importantly, protect the home from negative spirits. That may be why I haven’t seen many spirits in my home. Perhaps the closer it gets to Samhain, the higher the chance of that changing. I prefer to call on the more ancestral positive  spirits. They will help you and guide you.

Let’s honor the spirits this year during the autumn enchantment.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(

Necropolis of the Undead

Merry meet all,

I visited the cemetery recently.  Now the tides turn to autumn. Since I am more mobile now, I made sure I returned to my fave spot. I offered apples to the spirits.  I like to work with the energies and spirits in my garden, my  home and the cemetery. They gifted me an oak leaf and I leave them offerings.

I am one of those strangely fortunate souls who is clairvoyant. I believed I was cursed until I connected with people like me and I realized I was gifted. Now thanks to Sacred Mists, I am with others who are more or the same talented as me. I love Sacred Mists. But I digress. Back to the necropolis of the undead….

October is almost here. I mean I love Mabon but I exist for October. I know you all do too!! I have a pumpkin on my kitchen table. The spirits in the cemetery are present there all year, but I think the energy is peaked during October when the veil is thin. I aim pen more poetry there, thanks to my healed body. I want to complete a book of poetry. I love the fact that the cemetery is so close to where I live. I leave the nature trail, walk down a street, cross another street to get there and there I am.

I once left the cemetery and sensed a spirit wanted to leave with me. I said no. I do draw boundaries because if I let every spirit come home with me, they will take over the house. I don’t let that happen.

The cemetery is a good spot to also work with Hekate. I hoped the spirits didn’t think I forgot them at the cemetery. I reassured them I didn’t forget anything or anyone and once I get the OK from the doctor about my foot, I will don cloak and grab my quill and parchment, and a journal and be back.

Is there a special way you all want to celebrate Mabon and Samhain?
Leave a comment below!

Mabon Blessings to you all

Blessings Spiderwitch )O(

Dem Bones


Mabon is almost here!! I welcome the second of the three harvest Sabbats. Mabon is a time of polarity and the much loved beginning of fall. I love this time of year. I look forward to pumpkins, gourds, cider, apples and spooky stories. I do believe Mabon is magickal. How do you, dear readers, celebrate Mabon? I plan to attend the public Mabon rit and the meet and greet. I also plan to attend the Sacred Mists Online Mabon Sabbat. Much to anticipate!!

Call me creepy for this but it works for me….

I recently roasted a chicken. I wanted an offering for Hekate and Morrigan. So I set aside some bones from the chicken that were in good condition. I cleaned and purified them. I got the meat off them. I boiled them with bleach and saltwater. When they were done, I let them air dry. That is the best things to do with bones, letting them air dry. The bones are porous. They could crumble as time passes. There is a website that sells bones for those who are into necromancy and the darker side of witchcraft- www.boneroom.com. I then offered the bones to Hekate and the Morrigan. I sure hope they were pleased. I can’t see Hekate objecting to such an offer. She rules over the darker realm of the Underworld and the Crossroads.

I have a fake human skull and an animal skull on my altar. I have no problem with this. They have special meaning to me. Animals naturally trusted my grandfather. So that is why when I found the animal skull, I was so excited. The skull always rests near the framed photo of my late grandfather.

It is nearing my fave time of year. The human skull I found at a home decor shop. It has no lower mandible and is so cool. The skull is adorned with glitter and a pearl in one of the eye sockets. Too cool.

A ritual for Mabon could be where we give thanks for the bounty we acquired since the previous Mabon. Write a list of what you got and what you are thankful for. That can be anything metaphysical or literal, or even a gift from a stranger- like someone let you ahead in the line at the cash at the crowded supermarket. Then review the list. You can burn it in the cauldron and release the ashes outdoors to the four winds or keep it for next Mabon. Have fun with this ritual.


Many Mabon Blessings,

Spiderwitch )O(




Poet’s Twilight


Merry meet all,

Fall is in the air. Soon the leaves shall turn and pumpkins will adorn front porches. I love this time of year which I am sure you dear readers already know. I am sure you share my enthusiasm. My garden is already showing signs of being finished for the season.

While I recover from my injury, some projects in my life have been put on hold. I can’t wait to be fully healed and be back to all the projects I used to do, such as writing poetry in my fave cemetery. It’s not the same trying to write at home. I guess the cemetery’s atmosphere inspires me to create and write and muse, which is part of what writing is about.

I like to write dark verse. I am even now wondering how I get to a cemetery while I am using crutches. Once I am healed, everything will be fine. I do look forward to becoming more active.

The idea of writing poetry in a cemetery and the environment there inspiring me is part of why I go. I do get inspired there. I observe more the nature surrounding the graves. I see the crows flying overhead, the crumbling stones, the bushes and grass. I like to notice if the grass is fresh or waning in the fall season. I do notice the season changes.

I get inspired by what I try to feel there. I like to take my time while I am there. I need time to write and notice what I feel there. It is a cemetery so the energies and feelings are still there. I notice the time of day or the evening. I don’t stay late at night for obvious safety reasons.

It may seem like this is a lot to take in but I manage. I was gifted an oak leaf one time. I like to leave offerings to the spirits I work with there. I was seated on a large rock and I noticed this oak leaf kept blowing up to me. I left and bought a coffee and when I returned, the oak leaf kept coming up to me. I do work with the spirits by being respectful and leaving offerings to the spirits. They may sense I am a clairvoyant and that I can sense them. I was now given a gift. I haven’t been to the cemetery all summer. I hope they don’t think I have forgotten them now that they can trust me. I saved the leaf in my journal.

When I am healed, I shall return. Now anyone who wants to do this needs to learn a few important things. When I leave, I feel the spirits want to come with me. Only that is not good. I nicely and firmly tell the spirits (while trying to not appear crazy to passerby) that they have to remain there. Having a spirit/ ghost follow you home is not beneficial for the ghost/ spirit. They will do what they want and may even create havoc. It won’t work as a benefit for either the person or the ghost. The dead deserve respect and for their realm of death to be acknowledged. The cemetery is where they should be. They can’t control your life. We are in the mortal realm. Our two realms can interact but to a point. After that point, a boundary has to be drawn.

IF I feel like someone is dancing over my grave when I leave, I know they want to come with me. I have serious compassion. I usually promise that I will return and they are for the most part content with that. And I honor that agreement. They need some understanding. They were once us and we will one day be them. How would you like to be treated when you cross over and someone senses you? Wouldn’t you want compassion? I would.

When I go hone, then I edit what I wrote and analyze what I wrote. I have not yet observed spirits/ ghosts in the cemetery. I have felt them around me. I have yet to see them. But I would not have it any other way. I am trying to complete a book of dark verse. It is a slow going project. The best projects do take the longest time or are hard to do but it can feel good once done.

Once healed, I shall return.

Blessings, Spiderwitch