Dem Bones


Mabon is almost here!! I welcome the second of the three harvest Sabbats. Mabon is a time of polarity and the much loved beginning of fall. I love this time of year. I look forward to pumpkins, gourds, cider, apples and spooky stories. I do believe Mabon is magickal. How do you, dear readers, celebrate Mabon? I plan to attend the public Mabon rit and the meet and greet. I also plan to attend the Sacred Mists Online Mabon Sabbat. Much to anticipate!!

Call me creepy for this but it works for me….

I recently roasted a chicken. I wanted an offering for Hekate and Morrigan. So I set aside some bones from the chicken that were in good condition. I cleaned and purified them. I got the meat off them. I boiled them with bleach and saltwater. When they were done, I let them air dry. That is the best things to do with bones, letting them air dry. The bones are porous. They could crumble as time passes. There is a website that sells bones for those who are into necromancy and the darker side of witchcraft- I then offered the bones to Hekate and the Morrigan. I sure hope they were pleased. I can’t see Hekate objecting to such an offer. She rules over the darker realm of the Underworld and the Crossroads.

I have a fake human skull and an animal skull on my altar. I have no problem with this. They have special meaning to me. Animals naturally trusted my grandfather. So that is why when I found the animal skull, I was so excited. The skull always rests near the framed photo of my late grandfather.

It is nearing my fave time of year. The human skull I found at a home decor shop. It has no lower mandible and is so cool. The skull is adorned with glitter and a pearl in one of the eye sockets. Too cool.

A ritual for Mabon could be where we give thanks for the bounty we acquired since the previous Mabon. Write a list of what you got and what you are thankful for. That can be anything metaphysical or literal, or even a gift from a stranger- like someone let you ahead in the line at the cash at the crowded supermarket. Then review the list. You can burn it in the cauldron and release the ashes outdoors to the four winds or keep it for next Mabon. Have fun with this ritual.


Many Mabon Blessings,

Spiderwitch )O(




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