Ghost Conjurers

Merry meet all,

I just started a group on Facebook titled Ghost Conjurers. I was tired of waiting to be included into Paranormal Investigators groups so I began my own. So Ghost Conjurers is sister to my Paranormal & Witchy Fiction page on Facebook.

I already have some followers. I would love to have an actual crew like Ghost Adventures- my obsession and what inspired me to take this step. I want to explore places that are haunted. I want to acquire ghost hunting equipment and more than that, I want to use my own senses while I explore places. I am extremely clairvoyant and clairsentient so I could see myself doing well on eerie excursions. That is why I don’t understand why I am not included to go with groups. Oh well I have now started my own. It is really an extension of what I have been doing all along but now I have learned and grown from life. That is probably an essential step to take, to learn and grow as a person. Life has thrown everything at me. But I always bounce back.

Now I want to help others. I want to help the unheard, the dreaming, the ones who are adrift with their own psychic abilities who don’t know which step to take  next. I want to help the ones who misused Ouija boards and are wondering why a dark shadow looms over their beds at night. I want to help the ones who think they have no voice. They do. They own very well functioning vocal chords. When I started out, I lucked out and found a community of like minded people who could help me. I believe they could just need some guidance and yes, they have to ask first, but I will always be here.

I am excited about this new direction in my life. I look forward to seeing what life brings me. I look forward to meeting new people hopefully and learning new things, and hopefully yes acquiring ghost hunting equipment. But I will never forget that I can see ghosts clear as day with my own eyes and sense energies with no tool in my hand. Our senses never deceive us and are rarely wrong. I will still work on this blog, maybe even more so. This is my passion and what I feel I am meant to do.

So I hope you consider joining my group/ page Ghost Conjurers. My mouse pad is an Ouija board. I think that’s brilliant. I have already done some investigating on my own. I hope to have a dedicated team on my side in the future, but I usually do things alone- or they wouldn’t get done. I visited the haunted famous Five Fishermen restaurant. I did get some psychic impressions from that place. I believe it’s haunted. I don’t know what I will explore next but I am sure it will be exciting. I really like Helen Creighton and if she could devote her life to catching all the folklore of the Atlantic Coast, I can do what I can do too as well as she did.

Blessings Spiderwitch

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