The dark side about being psychic

Merry meet,

It’s great to be psychic, clairvoyant and even clairsentient. I remember when I learned the hard way I had those abilities. This post will show you the dark side of being so psychically gifted and what they don’t tell you.

First off, if you are clairvoyant, it can be hard to know for sure. Here are the signs that you are:

Feel good about it. It means you will likely have more awesome magical experiences in your  life. You sense who is on the phone without picking it up. You glance at your kitty and sense what your favorite furry is thinking. You get a hunch about the piece of jewelry is that you thought you lost and just find it. You have a dream about a friend and then hear from that person the next day. You know stuff without knowing how you know what you know but you just do. You have a dream of a deceased loved one visits you then you find out later that person passed away during the night. You just psychically know where a magazine is in a library and just find it- that happened to me. Basically, what should be impossible becomes possible.

But I still wish I knew what I know now the night I learned I was very psychically gifted. I had to learn everything the hard way. At first, I believed I was cursed. My magical community helped me every step of the way. So go ahead, and find others who are like minded. When you are starting out, you need a crew, tribe, pack, what have you, of like minded people who can help you figure things out. It is harder going it alone. When you are more confident, you can then rely on your own validation.

It takes practice to play. It takes practice to play  the violin, the cello and to perfect anything you want to improve at. Being psychically gifted can be harder work but it is worth it. This is where having a community of like minded people can be an asset. Be patient with yourself. Enroll in classes or workshops. If you can find a local metaphysical witch shop, they offer classes for a reasonable rate. The shops may also have some books to read that are helpful.

Trust yourself that you are clairvoyant and really sensing all that weird stuff. You have to trust that it is real. That can be hard to do if you aren’t used to it and maybe don’t have a few psychic friends to help you make sense of things. But don’t give up. Practice self-care. This can go hand in hand with believing in yourself. A lot of success at believing you are  psychic goes hand in hand with trusting in your own abilities. It will get better with time.

The night I discovered that I was clairsentient and clairvoyant- yes, these terms do mean something. It was a powerful, emotional, frightening night for me. I wasn’t prepared for how to handle it yet I felt like I was expected to know. That didn’t feel fair at all. That was real hard on me. It was made even worse when my family stared at me like I was nuts. I had no control over anything. I wish I did. I may have done things differently but this is the way life is. This is why it is so helpful when you have a thousand burning questions to seek help. It may not at first make sense but it will over time. You don’t become a grand mage over night. You do over time.

Be around people who will praise you, not criticize you. You have to find people who will offer you support during the times when you are new and learning everything. Some people have negative energy and that can drag you down. Just stay confident in yourself and the negative toxic people will eventually leave. We are not all the same. Not everyone is going to walk through the same door as you, when it comes to being psychic. They won’t always understand you but that does not make them evil. They are coming from their own life experiences, their limited perspectives.

When you discover you have those gifts, it is at first either frightening and powerful like it was for me, or it is a calm experience. I can’t determine that for you but I can give you the advice I wish I had at the time. If your experience is anything like mine was, keep reading. You thought you really knew everything about yourself. You will discover more about yourself in the future. You were going on in your merry way in life when BAM! Suddenly you are sensing all kinds of things you don’t know how you can know but you don’t know how you knew it. Relax. This is more normal than you think. It can feel like you have gone crazy. I am here to tell you that you are not crazy. What you are going through is OK. So breathe and keep on going in life. Try to stay calm and start trusting yourself. When you truly know yourself, because there is no one else you have to know so well than yourself, you will be happier and more confident and it will show. The Goddess appeared to someone in a dream. For me, it was a powerful vision and sudden magickal knowing that someone was extremely ill and in need of dire help. The experience differs for every unique being but that is the way it is. Again, this is more normal than you think.

Do try to use the gifts to help others more than yourself. I used to and still want to do intuitive readings for others. I do like to help others. This gift comes hand in hand with a responsibility.With great power comes great responsibility. I don’t know the lottery numbers but I was able to find someone without leaving the house. I didn’t have a conversation with that man. I didn’t ask anyone where I was. I psychically knew. The other point I want to make is don’t get too arrogant. Stay humble and positive. 

You may decide that being psychic/ clairvoyant/ mediumistic, what have you, is not for you. It is OK to decide that. It is OK to feel nervous or uncomfortable about it. You may not feel comfortable psychically knowing stuff about people that they may not know you know. But it can also be to a great advantage to you. Try to think positive about it. You may have your own reasons for why you don’t like it and that is fair. If you decide you are cool with it, that’s great too. You might encounter negativity, or questions about your abilities. Just go with the flow. That’s normal too. The important thing is how you handle it. 

I hope this has helped you all, dear readers, and answered some of your questions.

Blessings Spiderwitch


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