Demon and Spirit presences on the Rise


Today I want to talk about demons, or more specifically, why there are so many accounts of people encountering demons. It seems that it is happening more and more. But I am asking myself why? 

I have a theory or two of why demons are appearing so often. One theory is we are entering a new age. The new age being a more spiritual age where the traditional rigid religious structures are falling at the wayside. The Goddess is now the deity of choice. Millions of men and women are drawn to the Wiccan religion. We are in a tumultuous time of change. The old structures, including capitalism, are falling. 

The next theory is the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is thinning not just at Beltane or Samhain. But it is thinning all year. I have noticed a high increase in people reporting seeing spirits. I have seen them too. 

The third theory is and I hate to play Devil’s advocate here, no pun intended, that Witches ARE opening the portal between the worlds. Now these theories are just that, theories. They are not carved in stone and you don’t have to agree with the theories. The theories do work on a certain level, though. Perhaps some spirits are coming through the portals. 

The other night I was angry about something only to have my anger dissolve into wonder. I stared as something spectral with brown fur disappeared under my bed. I looked under the bed-no bogeyman. My kitty was in the bathroom, curled up on the floor. OK. Then how I do explain what I saw, considering my cat is white and ginger colored? 

I know, I can’t figure it either. That is the mystery of it. I need to smudge my apartment. That can get rid of spirits. The above theories though supports one fact: I saw that thing and it is nowhere right now near Samhain. I can see spirits at any time of the year, any hour, any day or time. I see spirits in full color and form. These spirits, shadow people, demons or earthbound ghosts are attracted to clairvoyants/ clairsentients and psychics. 

Ghosts might remain on earth because of unfinished business. Demons might hurt people because that is an offense against God. That is a Christian perspective but one that makes sense. It also depends on what you believe. I am noticing that more and more spirits are showing themselves and not that worried about it. I believe and this my belief, and not carved in stone, but we may all see more spirits, demons, ghosts and I think the world is going to get weirder. We might be seeing some weird shit in the future, not only at Samhain.

Then again, some demons or other nasty spirits may not want the clairvoyant, clairsentient or really psychic people sensing them. That is one reason why the spirits may be drawn to psychics. It is a scary reason and thing to think of. However, to back up my theory here, I met someone who claimed to have a nasty spirit that had infested in his apartment building. Part of me suspected the guy was all talk but upon entering his home, wow, the energy was so strong. The bad energy in there hit me like a wall of heat. The tenants ( save for the one guy who hated the nasty spirit) had nailed Ouija boards to the walls. Yeah that’s a great idea. Can you all sense my sarcasm here?) I hope so. That is a very bad idea. I don’t encourage any of you to try that at home.  They won’t take them down. That is a way of digging your own grave, metaphorically speaking. 

That is one explanation of why spirits and demons accounts are on the rise. These ideas are of course open to debate. I am presenting my own perspective. You, dear readers, are welcome to present your own and to disagree. I hope you do give this all some thought and comments in the space provided below, to share your own opinions. Stay spooky!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch 

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