Paranormal Chronicles

Merry meet all,

The June issue of the free online magazine Paranormal Chronicles is released!!! The June issue includes my story about my encounter with an eerie phantom. I am so excited!!

Here’s what the awesome editor GL Davies says about it: “Proud to launch Issue 3 of the Paranormal Chronicles FREE digital magazine! 175 FREE pages from the TOP researchers & authors in the WORLD! The who’s who of the paranormal. Plus one lucky reader is going to be winning a (gasp) £25 Amazon voucher. Putting this together is one of the hardest things I can do & thats why I do it..AND The new Paranormal Chronicles Podcast smashed 37K listeners & 5K downloads! HARD WORK + A DREAM + BELIEF = Making dreams come true!! Links to everything in the comments! Take the Bull by the horns and dare to do the things that make you happy!! Thank you to all the wonderful writers, readers and supporters of the magazine! Awesome TEAM! 5308 Readers & counting!! #lifeisforliving xXx”

I am thrilled!! Also, Anubis Press is publishing my story about my other paranormal encounter in Handbook for the Dead. I hope you will jump to your tablets or phones or laptops to google Paranormal Chronicles and read my story and the other eerie tales. Tell everyone about it! 

I will post more when I know more about the Handbook for the Dead. Enjoy the Full Moon! 

Blessings Spiderwitch

Here is the link to Paranormal Chronicles!!



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