Purple Rain

Merry meet all,

Recently I decided to paint my writing desk purple. This was a big decision for me. It was hard deciding if I should paint the desk and even harder to choose a color. I just finished painting the desk. I chose a deep deep purple berry color which I madly love. I am pleased as punch on how well it turned out.

I coated the whole desk and drawers in a coat of primer first. I put a drop cloth beneath the desk, gathered the paint brushes, paint stirring tool, paper towels, a kitchen knife, and a hammer. I recruited a friend of mine, Morrige, to help me paint the desk. The paint I used was melamine paint and the color was Blackberry Currant. 

On a hot afternoon, we toiled on painting the desk and chatted. The painting of the desk took far less time than if I had been alone. I appreciated the help and repaid him with a cold rum and coke. I love the color purple. The desk was meant to be purple. I hated the color it was before. 

The deep purple color I chose has an equally deep meaning. Purple represents power, sanctimony, spirituality, protection, psychic ability and healing. The special day is Thursday, its ruling planet is Jupiter and its astrological sign is Sagittarius- so it should go without saying I love purple! 

Since I am extremely creative, I do believe I shall experience a boost in my creativity. I should call on the Goddesses or Gods that rule creativity and ask them to bless the newly transformed and now stunning desk. 

I may try painting stencils onto the desk. My bedspread tapestry is purple, my curtains are purple and my bookcase is purple. The desk matches the rest of the décor and furniture in the bedroom. 

Afterwards, I rinsed and dried the paintbrushes. I cleaned the paint stains and mopped the floor. I am waiting to put the drawers back in the desk. I love how it turned out. I do believe the purple desk is the new focal point of the room and shall boost more witchy writings!!




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