Autumn Tides

Merry meet all,

I just read the entire August issue of the Horror Writers Association newsletter. Wow it was a great read. I can’t wait to read some of the novels mentioned in the newsletter.  Paranormal Chronicles is launching its fall issue in September- in time for Halloween!! My article about the history of the Five Fishermen restaurant will be included in the next issue! More to look forward to. That and the Halloween stuff will soon be in stores. That makes me get out of bed!!! I will be back when I am broke.

I submitted an article to Paranormal Globe about my scary sleep paralysis experience. I hope they like the article and post it on their site. I am waiting to hear back from them. I haven’t had many supernatural experiences lately. That may change once October rolls around. I do plan to host a Samhain party and the theme this year is a séance.  I hope that goes well. It is still August but I hate leaving planning to the last minute. I also have the latest Witches and Pagans magazine to read and drool over every single printed word. I am sure it will be a great read, it always is. 

I just harvested rhubarb. I will prepare it later and store it in the freezer. I chop the rhubarb in bits on a cookie sheet with no rhubarb piece touching the other. Then I freeze it on the cookie sheet for one hour and then I store it in a plastic Ziploc bag in the freezer. The rhubarb chunks never stick together that way. 

Most of you are harvesting your goodies from the garden. Or, if you’re like me, you are anxiously waiting for your veggies and fruits to grow. I still sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the soil around my plants and I still fertilize my veggie plants too. I do that every second week or more if need be. Fertilizer gives plants a boost to grow better and be more productive. 

For all you horror movie aficionados, there is a hot lineup of movies sure to have you sleeping with the lights on!! First off is Scary Stories to tell in the Dar. The trailer freaks me out and I haven’t seen the rest of the movie yet. Whew. The next horror movie is Ready or not, and the bride must survive a harrowing night of a hazing ritual from her crazed husband’s family. Hold onto your crossbows! Next is Jacob’s ladder. I saw the trailer and put this one high on my must-see list. Oh yeah for sure. I have to see it. And I know you all are greatly anticipating the sequel to It: Chapter 2. We can’t leave Doctor Sleep, the awesome sequel to The Shining. I have read the novel twice and seen the movie. I can already taste the popcorn. I bet you all can too. Yup I am lining up to see that one too. That is the most anticipated horror movie fall lineup of 2019. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the flicks. 

Blessings Spiderwitch





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