The Natural Psychic by Ellen Dugan

Merry meet all,

Mabon is almost here! It feels like fall already. My fave time of year is almost here! My garden is so beautiful even in the rain. Samhain follows after Mabon. Soon pumpkins will decorate everyone’s porches. 

I want to recommend a few good books about psychic development that I enjoy. The first one, The Natural Psychic, by Ellen Dugan, is a great book. She does away with the usual morbid or tell you how to do this or that. Instead, she fills the book up with a down to earth tone and is such an engaging writer. You feel like you are seated across from her at a noisy café. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. The front cover shows flowers and a bright yellow cover. 

The Natural Psychic is a great introduction book about psychic development. I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out. She includes diagrams, quotations and goes in depth on a lot of material. She covers what psychic ability is, the different types of psychic ability from clairaudience to clairvoyance. She follows that with a section on mediumship, then tarot cards- the tools of the psychic’s trade, to psychic phenomena to psychic defence and what do after you have all that training and knowledge, which most books never include. This book is invaluable. It covers everything you would need to know about being psychic and best of all, proves being psychic is not crazy but totally natural. 

The other books I encourage everyone to read are The Complete Guide to Psychic Development by Cassandra Eason and Raymond Buckland’s books about witchcraft and spirit communication. But I do just love Dugan’s book. Her style and tone are refreshingly different and  is so positive. 

I plan to reread Dugan’s books and the other books I mentioned. I hope this encourages you all to try the books and the exercises included within them. 

Enjoy the last of summer!

Blessings Spiderwitch

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