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Samhain Secrets and drama queens

Merry meet all,

I am proud to announce that another short story of mine is published- again! Irish Horse Productions has published my short story, The Grimm Pumpkin, in Samhain Secrets. The book is available on Amazon. I am proud that my story is in its 4th reprint. It is the story of Samuel, a normal teenager who harbors a dark secrets about his ghoulish pumpkins. Here is the link to the book on Amazon. It is available as a paperback and Kindle:

Samhain is here!  I am very happy and I bet you are all carving pumpkins while sipping cider with your friends. I was at the witch shop yesterday. I bought a beautiful black floor length velvet dress. The public Samhain Ritual will be on the Commons this year. This is a description of the event.

At Samhain Pagans celebrate the harvest while looking death in the eye. This public ritual provides an opportunity for people to come together and take stock of the year that was. Samhain is the time to commemorate our dead and reflect on our own mortality. All that falls shall rise again and Samhain is also a beginning. A fresh page.

This annual event was born on the Commons in 1997 and has always been open to the public. The ritual is designed to be inclusive and safe and provides a doorway into modern paganism for the curious newcomer.

The event is also designed to strengthen the local Pagan community. Drumming, dancing and chanting together in ritual removes barriers and builds bridges between us. This makes for a stronger community.

Indeed! It helps you to meet new people and see familiar faces, to share a passion with like minded people. It is a good time. If it is not a good time, you have found the wrong coven and need to seek out a new one. I go every year and I have always had a good time.

Now … here are a few more pointers on how to have the best most memorable and magical time you can have in terms of drama queens and toxic people. For example, I have made the decision to quit throwing parties and seances in my home. It is unfortunate but I went too way too much work for only 1 guest to arrive. I quit. The other guests were too obnoxious to attend. But you can bet they will all be attending the Public Samhain Rit on the Commons. I can’t help but take that personally.

I know I said I usually have a good time at the Public Ritual. This year, however, I know some people ugh and that includes my ex who I suspect is already seeing someone else (ouch) will be there. I have decided that I am distancing myself and maybe if it means not even really participating or if I do, to be standing far from him so the negative energies don’t ruin the event for me. I do have a right to a good time. I am not too nice anymore. I am setting new boundaries now. If I stay far from where he is, I should be fine. We have to establish healthy boundaries around ourselves. It is good for us. Boundaries are meant for the person not the many. I am not a people pleaser. But then being someone who has seen the worst in people, if anyone had gone through what I have been put through, not that I will be anymore, you would or may feel the exact same way.

So this year, make it your priority and stick to it to avoid the drama queens and the toxic psychos out there. You can do it and you will feel good about yourself. They are not hard to spot: they want all the attention on themselves, often at the expense of someone else, and that person is the one who is hurt usually. I no longer have the time for this.

I wish you all a toxic-free, merry Samhain!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Handbook for the Dead






Merry meet all,

I am proud to announce that my chilling account of an encounter I had with a spooky entity is published in Handbook for the Dead. The Frightening Floyds produced the book. It was recently released on Amazon! 

This is a description of the book: “DON’T FORGET YOUR HANDBOOK…Welcome all spirits! The Frightening Floyds present to you, Handbook for the Dead – a guide to help all new manifestations realize their functional perimeters. Within this anthology, you’ll read paranormal accounts from individuals who have experienced phantoms and disturbances that have not only chilled them, but also left them with some new insight into the supernatural. Now, they want to share their stories and wisdom with you. That way, if you’re feeling a little flat, or even if you’re a lost soul, you won’t have to draw a door and knock. Handbook from the Dead is sure to please the strange and unusual in everyone, and we promise it doesn’t read like stereo instructions.”

I hope this entices you to buy a copy for yourself. I can’t wait to receive my own contributor copy by owl mail and read the other authors’ experiences with the paranormal!

I am so happy to be involved in this project. Here is the link to the Amazon page so you can get yourself or a friend a copy:

This reminds me of the movie Beetlejuice! I look forward to reading it and adding it to my collection of true spooky accounts! After all, truth is stranger than fiction. And nowhere is that more true than in the pages of the Handbook for the Dead! So grab a copy today! The image above is the cover image of the Handbook for the Dead. 

I have another announcement to make! My short fiction story, The Grimm Pumpkin, is published by Irish Horse Anthologies in the book Samhain Secrets! It is not released yet on Amazon. I am eager to read that too. So far it is only released on Kindle. I found out I was in the book accidentally. But no harm done, I am thrilled to be included. That means it is my story’s 4th reprint. I am very excited and pleased about that. I will post more about that later. 

I hope you are all having a magical wonderful October. I know I am. I wish you all the best merry Samhain!

I myself am strange and unusual!

Blessings, Spiderwitch


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Sequel to How to Decorate for Samhain

Merry meet all,

I am really in the mood for Samhain. Yesterday afternoon, I was busy crafting up a storm! I thought I would share my own crafts with you to get you in the mood for our fave spooky Sabbat. I painted gourds, created a cool garland and conjured a candle. I will share here in this post how it was all done. So grab your craft supplies and a coffee!

The pumpkins were the easiest craft to do. Gather newspaper for the paint so it doesn’t stain everything else, flat paintbrushes, black acrylic paint, a palette or dish to hold the paint, and a pumpkin. The picture above shows the gourds when the paint dried. Brush a coat on being sure to cover over all the green or original orange coloring. Get the paint into every spot. Let the paint dry between coats. Leave the gourds on the newspaper in an area where they won’t be disturbed  to dry. Then store them with your other Halloween decorations. Black, orange, gold and white colors are good choices. 

Yes that is an Ouija board mousepad peeking out the photo there!










The Garland The garland was a bit harder to do. I had a thick stack of brown paper lunch bags just sitting there in a linens basket. I really wanted to do something special in terms of decorations this year. I cut out a 7-inch square of the lunch bags and thought about how I would decorate them. Paint each square orange. I decided that the papers would spell out ‘Trick or Treat’. Each bag or paper would be one letter except for “OR’.  Hole punch the top right and left corner of the bag to work the string through later. Measure the bags. Each one should be seven inches long roughly. Measure with a pencil or other marker 5 inches vertically. Then mark that on the bag. Don’t make the markings too obvious. Cut the bottom of the lunch bags to form a point. See the photo to see what I mean. The edges of the paper curled. So I cut out typing paper using one of the painted lunch bags as a template, and painted them black. When the paint dries, I will glue the black papers to the orange papers, remembering to hole punch the black pieces. When you string them up, be sure to have all the letter papers in the right order before you begin. Leave plenty of string. Don’t cut the string till you are sure you like how it is all arranged and you have hung the garland up on a mantle or window. One more tip: Have the black painted papers facing out not in. 

Here are a few more suggestions on how to decorate your home for Samhain. If you don’t have any cobwebs, cheesecloth is a good second choice. Save and paint fake (unless you are me and I save, clean and bleach chicken bones). Paint them gray, white or black. Arrange them for a Halloween/ Samhain centerpiece on your table or mantle. Let the guests wonder if they are real. Use fake vampire teeth to act as a napkin ring.

Lay a white tablecloth down on your table. Layer a black spiderweb lace tablecloth over the white cloth. Set down a black tray or a gold tray, depending on your preference. Then arrange all your beautifully bewitching painted gourds around a (fake-up to you-) human skull or animal skull. Tuck in the bones, maple leaves, gemstones, and maybe some sphagnum moss if you have it. Arrange tall black taper candles in used wine bottles behind the skull. Now you have a charming and magickal centerpiece on your table sure to spark conversation!

Have a merry Thanksgiving!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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How to Decorate for Samhain

Merry meet all,

I am posting some suggestions on how to decorate for Samhain. For myself, it looks like Halloween in here all year. But I wanted to pass on some suggestions and add a sprinkle of how to defend yourself from unwanted spirit energies in your home. 

I like the theme of black on white. If you look at some of the magazines about home décor, they are catching on to this idea with Halloween decorations. I think that the black on white decoration idea works if the white is clean, cold and yes, classic. It does not work so much with a warm white or beige. The idea here is neutrals. Try putting a sheer black spiderweb lace tablecloth on over a cool white tablecloth. Then add on black napkins, black cutlery, black plates and wine filled goblets. Everyone will be asking how you did it. Add some skulls in candleholders to show that finished touch. Perfectly spooky!

Now for more color and detail: Use the fake vampire fangs to hold your napkins. It will act as a napkin ring. String up a bat mobile-more on that in a moment, or a garland that spells out words like trick or treat or Halloween. Hang the garland up over a mantelpiece or a window. It will catch the eye. Hang a black wreath over a door. Tape some black bats to the front door to entice your guests to your soiree! You can paint or carve pumpkins any color you want. A black pumpkin positioned near the garland and bats would draw interest. 

 I have a black lace bat and spiderweb curtain that hangs at my bedroom door. I brush by it every time I pass through the doorway. It is really cool. Invite bats over to your cool pad. Bat stickers are available at your local dollar store. I will leave the stickers up all year. If you want to, that is up to you. I placed them near the ceiling. They look cool. I put the largest sticker in the center and arranged the rest of the bat stickers going from smallest to big.

I have a black lace spiderweb lace tablecloth on my table all year. I own a few of them, including a matching black spider web lace table runner, black spiderweb lace placemat and matching doilies. (But then I’m that weird person). I also bought big black spider stickers and they are climbing the walls to the ceiling near my altar. My walls are cold white and the spider stickers are black. See how it stands out? It catches the eye. 

Orange Chinese lanterns and carved jack o lanterns add a fiery color to your palette. Gourds, apples, and bound cinnamon sticks are interesting too. Set a skull figurine to the center of the table. Arrange apples, mini skeletons, gourds, pumpkins and black lace or black moss and you have a centerpiece sure to spark a conversation among your guests. 

The ideas are endless. The sky is the limit if you use your imagination. My neighbor was kind enough to drill a hole through nine hazelnuts and string them for me. I hung the hazelnut protection charm om the inside of my back door. I also hung up a clothes hanger bent into the shape of a ‘g’. I swear by it as a charm. It does work. After arranging and setting up all your spooky and beautiful decorations, spritz your home with an asperge of salt, cedar, sage or frankincense. That purifies and protects your home.

Black cat optional…

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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My Favorite Color is October

Merry meet all,

I went shopping this weekend. I conjured cool Halloween items. The first on the list of cool Halloween items is a very large black (of course) rubber spider web doormat. I love the huge rubber rug. My cat likes it too. The next on the list is a set of 4 skull black and white dinner plates. The plates have a trim and a large skull in the center. I bought a cool black thing you rest your cooking utensil on. I bought some black and orange candles, an orange pillar candle that smells of lovely pumpkin spice, a black wand that makes mystical sounds, a beautiful black wire elven crown, fairy wings that I shall cover with black fabric later and lastly, a black spiderweb placemat and black spider web doilies. 

Yes I am ready for Samhain. I am planning and preparing for a Samhain Séance party. I bought a large jug of cider for my legendary cider mix. I am offering pomegranate seeds, barmbrack bread and pumpkin bread, and of course roasted seeds. Carved pumpkins will glow eerily among the candles and incense shall fragrance the room. I hope it all bewitches my guests. 

One note about the barmbrack bread: I may not leave the traditional items in the bread, to avoid anyone choking. I am trained in CPR but it would be nice to avoid disasters. I haven’t begun decorating yet. I will do that later. 

I bought a cool Halloween magazine, which is packed with a million suggestions. I am inspired by the issue. Are you all excited about Samhain? I am. Well that’s obvious. The movie It is in theaters if you can’t get enough of the October spirit and horror movies. I may catch Maleficent next week. I enjoy watching Ghost Adventures too. I wonder if they have a special Halloween show. 

My story is published in Paranormal Chronicles about how the Five Fishermen Restaurant came to be haunted! Be sure to read the issue! My other story is published in The Handbook for the Dead and released on Amazon! Add these to your reading list! I am excited about it and I hope you are too. 

I can’t wait to sit and read the October newsletter from the Horror Writers Association! The issue is huge. It is not October without the Horror Writers Association. 

I implore you to enjoy the month of October as much as you can. It’s only once a year but I live like it’s every day of my life. If you all saw the inside of my home, you’d agree. Watch horror movies, make your pet wear a crown, pile leaves and collapse on them, roast seeds, and hang ghosts from the ceiling. Let me know in the comments what you did to celebrate the most magical of months. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch




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The Season of the Witch

Merry meet all,

October has arrived!! I am so excited and I feel fall in the air! I already pureed a pumpkin, roasted the seeds and brought in all my plants for the cold winter ahead.  I live for October. I am not the only one. 

The veil begins to recede in October. Suddenly the whole world around you changes and you feel it in your oxygen, in your blood and in your bones. I do. I am attending the local annual Samhain Public Ritual on the Commons on November 1st. I am hosting my Samhain Séance Party on October 19th. I shall be busy for my party what with decorations, cleaning and preparing food and my legendary cider! I shall also hold my own personal dumb or ancestral supper. I bought a book at Chapters titled The Sacred Herbs of Samhain. I just know I will enjoy reading this book in time for Samhain. 

I already have a costume selected for Samhain! I want to be a dark faerie this year. I bought a wand that makes mystical noises and glows, a dark elven crown, wings and tights. I have decorated my wall near the ceiling in my bedroom with black bat stickers. I bought yet another black lace spiderweb tablecloth because you know, I really need one. I bought small black bat stickers for my BOS. I harvested my Chinese lanterns which reminds me I have to bring one more in from my garden. The frost is here. I sewed a brown fairy skirt. It is a short skirt. The upper peplum skirt is thick dark brown lace. The lower peplum skirt is sheer brown organdy fabric. The waist of the small skirt is elastic. It looks beautiful. Here is a photo of the skirt:






I seem to be prepared for Samhain! Almost aside from seriously scouring my home to be clean enough for the party and baking. I brought in and repotted the ginger, geranium, parsleys, 2 pepper plants, the catnip plant and the lemongrass. They will bloom or go dormant all winter until the spring of rebirth. Penny loves to eat the catnip-and then nip me! 

The theme of the Samhain Party this year will be a séance. I hope people arrive all ready for a séance. I cannot wait. I can’t wait to try it but I didn’t want to try alone. So harvest your garden goodies, roast some parsnip, potato and carrots and put on a pot of herbal tea! Light some incense and reflect in  your journal or BOS how you would enjoy celebrating Samhain! Let me know what you come up with. 

Blessings Spiderwitch


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