The Season of the Witch

Merry meet all,

October has arrived!! I am so excited and I feel fall in the air! I already pureed a pumpkin, roasted the seeds and brought in all my plants for the cold winter ahead.  I live for October. I am not the only one. 

The veil begins to recede in October. Suddenly the whole world around you changes and you feel it in your oxygen, in your blood and in your bones. I do. I am attending the local annual Samhain Public Ritual on the Commons on November 1st. I am hosting my Samhain Séance Party on October 19th. I shall be busy for my party what with decorations, cleaning and preparing food and my legendary cider! I shall also hold my own personal dumb or ancestral supper. I bought a book at Chapters titled The Sacred Herbs of Samhain. I just know I will enjoy reading this book in time for Samhain. 

I already have a costume selected for Samhain! I want to be a dark faerie this year. I bought a wand that makes mystical noises and glows, a dark elven crown, wings and tights. I have decorated my wall near the ceiling in my bedroom with black bat stickers. I bought yet another black lace spiderweb tablecloth because you know, I really need one. I bought small black bat stickers for my BOS. I harvested my Chinese lanterns which reminds me I have to bring one more in from my garden. The frost is here. I sewed a brown fairy skirt. It is a short skirt. The upper peplum skirt is thick dark brown lace. The lower peplum skirt is sheer brown organdy fabric. The waist of the small skirt is elastic. It looks beautiful. Here is a photo of the skirt:






I seem to be prepared for Samhain! Almost aside from seriously scouring my home to be clean enough for the party and baking. I brought in and repotted the ginger, geranium, parsleys, 2 pepper plants, the catnip plant and the lemongrass. They will bloom or go dormant all winter until the spring of rebirth. Penny loves to eat the catnip-and then nip me! 

The theme of the Samhain Party this year will be a séance. I hope people arrive all ready for a séance. I cannot wait. I can’t wait to try it but I didn’t want to try alone. So harvest your garden goodies, roast some parsnip, potato and carrots and put on a pot of herbal tea! Light some incense and reflect in  your journal or BOS how you would enjoy celebrating Samhain! Let me know what you come up with. 

Blessings Spiderwitch


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