How to Decorate for Samhain

Merry meet all,

I am posting some suggestions on how to decorate for Samhain. For myself, it looks like Halloween in here all year. But I wanted to pass on some suggestions and add a sprinkle of how to defend yourself from unwanted spirit energies in your home. 

I like the theme of black on white. If you look at some of the magazines about home décor, they are catching on to this idea with Halloween decorations. I think that the black on white decoration idea works if the white is clean, cold and yes, classic. It does not work so much with a warm white or beige. The idea here is neutrals. Try putting a sheer black spiderweb lace tablecloth on over a cool white tablecloth. Then add on black napkins, black cutlery, black plates and wine filled goblets. Everyone will be asking how you did it. Add some skulls in candleholders to show that finished touch. Perfectly spooky!

Now for more color and detail: Use the fake vampire fangs to hold your napkins. It will act as a napkin ring. String up a bat mobile-more on that in a moment, or a garland that spells out words like trick or treat or Halloween. Hang the garland up over a mantelpiece or a window. It will catch the eye. Hang a black wreath over a door. Tape some black bats to the front door to entice your guests to your soiree! You can paint or carve pumpkins any color you want. A black pumpkin positioned near the garland and bats would draw interest. 

 I have a black lace bat and spiderweb curtain that hangs at my bedroom door. I brush by it every time I pass through the doorway. It is really cool. Invite bats over to your cool pad. Bat stickers are available at your local dollar store. I will leave the stickers up all year. If you want to, that is up to you. I placed them near the ceiling. They look cool. I put the largest sticker in the center and arranged the rest of the bat stickers going from smallest to big.

I have a black lace spiderweb lace tablecloth on my table all year. I own a few of them, including a matching black spider web lace table runner, black spiderweb lace placemat and matching doilies. (But then I’m that weird person). I also bought big black spider stickers and they are climbing the walls to the ceiling near my altar. My walls are cold white and the spider stickers are black. See how it stands out? It catches the eye. 

Orange Chinese lanterns and carved jack o lanterns add a fiery color to your palette. Gourds, apples, and bound cinnamon sticks are interesting too. Set a skull figurine to the center of the table. Arrange apples, mini skeletons, gourds, pumpkins and black lace or black moss and you have a centerpiece sure to spark a conversation among your guests. 

The ideas are endless. The sky is the limit if you use your imagination. My neighbor was kind enough to drill a hole through nine hazelnuts and string them for me. I hung the hazelnut protection charm om the inside of my back door. I also hung up a clothes hanger bent into the shape of a ‘g’. I swear by it as a charm. It does work. After arranging and setting up all your spooky and beautiful decorations, spritz your home with an asperge of salt, cedar, sage or frankincense. That purifies and protects your home.

Black cat optional…

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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