Samhain Secrets and drama queens

Merry meet all,

I am proud to announce that another short story of mine is published- again! Irish Horse Productions has published my short story, The Grimm Pumpkin, in Samhain Secrets. The book is available on Amazon. I am proud that my story is in its 4th reprint. It is the story of Samuel, a normal teenager who harbors a dark secrets about his ghoulish pumpkins. Here is the link to the book on Amazon. It is available as a paperback and Kindle:

Samhain is here!  I am very happy and I bet you are all carving pumpkins while sipping cider with your friends. I was at the witch shop yesterday. I bought a beautiful black floor length velvet dress. The public Samhain Ritual will be on the Commons this year. This is a description of the event.

At Samhain Pagans celebrate the harvest while looking death in the eye. This public ritual provides an opportunity for people to come together and take stock of the year that was. Samhain is the time to commemorate our dead and reflect on our own mortality. All that falls shall rise again and Samhain is also a beginning. A fresh page.

This annual event was born on the Commons in 1997 and has always been open to the public. The ritual is designed to be inclusive and safe and provides a doorway into modern paganism for the curious newcomer.

The event is also designed to strengthen the local Pagan community. Drumming, dancing and chanting together in ritual removes barriers and builds bridges between us. This makes for a stronger community.

Indeed! It helps you to meet new people and see familiar faces, to share a passion with like minded people. It is a good time. If it is not a good time, you have found the wrong coven and need to seek out a new one. I go every year and I have always had a good time.

Now … here are a few more pointers on how to have the best most memorable and magical time you can have in terms of drama queens and toxic people. For example, I have made the decision to quit throwing parties and seances in my home. It is unfortunate but I went too way too much work for only 1 guest to arrive. I quit. The other guests were too obnoxious to attend. But you can bet they will all be attending the Public Samhain Rit on the Commons. I can’t help but take that personally.

I know I said I usually have a good time at the Public Ritual. This year, however, I know some people ugh and that includes my ex who I suspect is already seeing someone else (ouch) will be there. I have decided that I am distancing myself and maybe if it means not even really participating or if I do, to be standing far from him so the negative energies don’t ruin the event for me. I do have a right to a good time. I am not too nice anymore. I am setting new boundaries now. If I stay far from where he is, I should be fine. We have to establish healthy boundaries around ourselves. It is good for us. Boundaries are meant for the person not the many. I am not a people pleaser. But then being someone who has seen the worst in people, if anyone had gone through what I have been put through, not that I will be anymore, you would or may feel the exact same way.

So this year, make it your priority and stick to it to avoid the drama queens and the toxic psychos out there. You can do it and you will feel good about yourself. They are not hard to spot: they want all the attention on themselves, often at the expense of someone else, and that person is the one who is hurt usually. I no longer have the time for this.

I wish you all a toxic-free, merry Samhain!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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