“Johannesen’s book marks the arrival of a gifted voice.” George Elliot Clarke, 2006.




Paranormal Chronicles features my tale of my true paranormal encounter with a spirit.














Untimely Frost- Lycan Valley Press


My poem, Encounter with Death, is published in this book of horr-ific poetry.






One Night in Salem


Dark scary tales unfold in this spine tingling collection of tales. My short fiction story reprint, The Grimm Pumpkin, is published in the anthology One Night in Salem.







Sheree Fitch is publishing an anthology of childrens’ poetry in this whimsical volume Whispers of Mermaids and wonderful things.




The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods Authored by Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Kali. The Morrigan. Set. The Cailleach. Medusa. Shiva. Melinoe. Odin. Herne. Ereshkigal. They are the Dark Ones. They are frightening and strange and wrathful and odd. Reviled, ignored, feared, and misunderstood, they are the Deities and spirits and monsters of war and disease, savage justice, cataclysm, and death. But also of painful transformation, self-reflection, and enlightenment. Stand in awe of them. Fear them. Then go to them.



The Wax and Wane anthology by Nosetouch Press Whether wicked or whimsical, few folkloric figures are as iconic as the witch. Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales serves up 30 spellbinding stories of witches that are enchanting and terrifying, amusing and enticing. Classic or eclectic, fantastical or historical, these witch tales are a literary incantation to delight any fans of witches and witchcraft.


The Queen of the Sky who Rules over Al the Gods: A Devotional Anthology in honor of Bast. Bast is a complex Goddess of many names and many forms. She is sometimes a cat, sometimes a woman with the head of a cat, sometimes a woman with the head of a lion. She is both fiercely maternal, and wrathful. She is compassionate and sensuous, but also savage and grim. She is both huntress, and protector. As her devotees past and present attest, She is a Goddess of great beauty, great warmth, and great terror. A Goddess truly worthy of our devotion. Dua Bast!

Herbs Healing

This book about the power of herbs and healing can be found on Amazon. Heddy Johannesen includes an article about how to use ginger to improve health. 




 Naming the GoddessNaming the Goddess is written by over eighty adherents and scholars of Goddess and Goddess spirituality.A must read for those old and new to Goddess. With new and known authors, this book gives an interesting and varied view on Goddess and feminine spirituality, and how that effects both spiritual paths and society. Brilliant!” ~ Annabell Alexander (Founder of the Goddess Foundation) Heddy Johannesen writes about the Inuit Sea Goddess Sedna.

paganism 101An introduction to Paganism by over 101 Pagans. Grouped into three main sections, Who we are, what we believe and what we do, twenty topics fundamental to the understanding of the main Pagan traditions are each introduced by essay and then elaborated upon by other followers and practitioners, giving the reader a greater flavor of the variety and diversity that Paganism offers. Paganism 101 offers a truly unique insight. Heddy Johannesen muses on what it means to be Pagan.


Horror Novel Reviews Presents: One Hellacious Halloween Volume 1- 30 original tales by some of today’s greatest young authors. Heddy Johannesen shares her grim tale of horror, The Grimm Pumpkin.



An anthology of writers’ wisdom including over 55 writers. Heddy Johannesen writes about her own writing experiences.




metamorphosisMetamorphosis has many such moments, and it is really splendid when verbs are fresh and nouns are firm: “Under leaves crown a massive / ample tree, leaves trickle / to gray earth…” Johannesen’s book marks the arrival of a gifted voice. Welcome her “rage at bare pages. A collection of poetry by Heddy Johannesen



Open Heart Forgery Year One anthology Volume 1 featuring 64 local writers in 2010 –





Chicago Literati Reprint of my flash fiction story The Grimm Pumpkin

Eternal Haunted Summer

Eternal Haunted Summer pagan Ezine. Heddy Johannesen writes poetry and nonfiction ranging from a comparison between Odin and Gandalf to Persephone and the Underworld. 


Crone newsletter Ezine – Heddy casts a spell to honor Hekate at Samhain



wp31cover1aWitches&Pagans #31 – Arts of Magic

Dive deep into this special issue on all that is magical, with an emphasis on how spellcasting fits into modern Pagan practice. This issue includes my poem Over a Blood Moon.



Issue 118 Front Cover

Circle Magazine. Heddy Johannesen writes about herbal lore and other mind body spirit related topics.




A magazine for herb enthusiasts. Heddy Johannesen writes about how to use herbs for health and well being. She has over a dozen articles published.



Pets Quarterly Heddy Johannesen writes a touching article about her pet guinea pigs. 2006


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