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Merry Meet All,

As I walk along my favorite nature trail everyday or nearly everyday, I hear the tree boughs creaking, leaves swish in the wind, and dry leaves skitter along the trail. Jays and crows greet each other. Dogs bark at passerby and squirrels chatter. It is an ideal trail for a city. I love walking the trail. I love the energy there.

The days are shorter and the wind grows colder. The trees are nearly bare. A few lingering leaves cling to the branches. The dark half of the year is upon us. It is the best time of year for writing. I am writing a ghost story, which I do, once I can tear myself from the lure of the internet. It is a good time to savor hot tea and curl up with a good book. I bought a book by a local author and friend today. It is called An Ogham Wood by Cliff Seruntine. I’ve begun reading it and am already fascinated by the awesome tale. I won a copy of the book by another local author and friend Steve Vernon-the Lunenburg Werewolf. I got that book signed by the author and bought his other book Maritime Monsters for my niece. My niece and sister love the books.

It is a good time to be reflecting on the past year. I am always eager for the new year but I can say that I have had some wonderful times this year. I have realized what wonderful friends I have- human and four-legged and furry, lol. I am realizing how fortunate I am. I hope it is or will be the same for you.

Lady Spiderwitch


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