An organic tradition

Merry Meet All,

I just returned from a local farmers market to pick up some delicious organic apples. Think of how long farmers have been growing and selling their food. It is a long time. I support the farmers markets because they sell organic food. When you buy the food, you know it is not poisoned with chemicals, that livestock was not forced to suffer to make the milk or pork or whatever, and you feel good about yourself, about the food and that you are doing your part for the economy and the earth.

I am sure the Goddess Brigid would hold that in her favor. More and more companies and stores and farmers markets are becoming more sustainable and organic. People are demanding organic food. This cannot be just a fad. We must maintain the demand for organic food. Do you really want to take into you something sprayed with chemicals? You do not just eat the apple, you take in the energy of the apple. So you take into you the poisons and the intent of who sprayed the chemicals onto the apple. Do you really want to consume that? I would hope not. Since I have been eating organic food, I can’t believe the difference in how I feel. I can think more clearly, feel healthier, and actually have more energy.

In ancient Ireland and Scotland, such chemicals and preservatives were unheard of. It was not till the Industrial Revolution that we began to spray everything. Think of how good food tasted back then. Chemicals and pesticides and the chemicals injected into cows and chickens hurt the animals and poison lakes, rivers, streams and the oceans and kill the aquatic life.

You can grow herbs, fruits and vegetables and know they will contain no toxins. Pressure companies to initiate sustainable practices and to produce organic food and other products. There are alternatives available. Organic herbs retain the lovely essential oils that they are so loved for. This is the way it should be. We need to care for the earth, because then we do that, we are truly honoring the Goddess and the God.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch