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The Lore of Litha

Merry Meet All,

Today we are going to look at the folklore of Litha.

At Midsummer, the rural villagers lit bonfires on Midsummer’s Eve to ward off evil spirits. They also leapt over the flames to encourage good luck.

If you performed your ritual outdoors, you can use the ashes to make a protective amulet. This works best if you burned incense with the intention to create protection. The intent will linger in the smouldering ashes. Put the ashes in a glass jar, a small pouch, or knead them into clay to make a protective talisman. Its believed that ashes will protect you from misfortune. You can scatter the ashes onto your garden and your garden will absorb the ashes and protective energies.

It is believed in some parts of England that if you sit in a circle all night long, you may see the Fae. Carry rue on your person to protect you while seeing the faeries or turn your jacket inside out. Leave a faerie plate out and remember to reward the garden spirits for protecting your garden for you. Midsummer is the perfect time for faery magick.

Carry a stone in your hand as you circle the bonfires during your ritual. Whisper your request to the stone. After your third turn- by the power of three times three!- toss the stone into the flames.

At Midsummer, the sun enters Cancer, which is a water sign. Circle the body of water three times, walking deosil, and offer silver coins or pins. Sunwheels are popular at Midsummer. A wheel or bale of straw was lit on fire and rolled down a hill. The remaining burned remnants were taken to a temple and put on display.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Ashes and Healing

Merry Meet All,

I apologize for not posting lately. For a few days, I was out of town. I visited my family in Pleasant Bay. I had the most wonderful and the most sad time. The good news first. Aside from the monumental task of babysitting my niece and nephew. I also returned to my home roots.

The land in the family dates back to my great-great-great-great grandparents. We are keeping the land in the family. The rhubarb in the garden dates back generations, too, no word of lie.

My spirit is refreshed. I was lost in the natural wilds of the northern tip of Cape Breton. Eagles fly, coyotes and foxes roam, mice gnaw on the walls, and whales frolic in the ocean. The mountains hug the shorelines. The black flies are vicious. I had quite an adventure. My Mother fell through the step of the Spinning Jenny cabin. I wandered through the ancient woods. I never saw a moose but we had a resident dog for company. His name is Trooper. Here is his photo:

He’s a cutie! Now the sad part. On Friday night, when the moon waxed and was full, I cast a circle for an Esbat. I traced a circle in the soil in my sister’s garden. I could not light a match because the wind was strong. I was not meant to have fire energy. (I lit my cauldron the next morning.) I welcomed the Elements, which were obviously present, and invoked the Goddess. The point of the ritual was to scatter my grandfather’s ashes. He was born in Pleasant Bay in 1919. It makes sense to scatter his ashes there. He also managed the farm there and used workhorses (we once found the teeth of the workhorses in the field.) It was very emotional and powerful. I cried and literally had to force myself to scatter the ashes. It felt so final. Like I was truly saying goodbye. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I stood on that windy hilltop, and opened the box and the bag. The box had a weird energy. It is done and over with. It was emotional though. I am relieved and accepting of the fact that he is at peace.

The rest of my trip was wonderful. I ventured down to the beach and listened to the ocean waves rumbling over the rocky shore. I watched seagulls dive over the waves. It is all so magickal. I walked through the mystical woods. I am so ready to attack my ghost story now because of the time I spent there. My spirit is renewed. I feel better and happy to have spent time with my family. Everyone needs that.

I am working hard on my garden. It is beautiful and crawling with insects. Every garden does. I will keep you posted about my gardening.

Blessed Be
Lady Spiderwitch )o(

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