The Dark side of Paypal

Merry Meet All,

People are preparing for the holidays. For many of you, that means shopping for your loved ones. But hold on a second, before you click to Paypal and sign away all your information, read this first.

Paypal is a scam. I should know. It happened to me. I ordered an item from Azure Green, a pentagram cookie stamp, and I found out that extra money was taken from my account that I did not authorize. The matter is sorted out now but I want to warn people that this does happen. Paypal is connected to a lot of pagan/ metaphysical online shops. Beware of money disappearing from your bank account that you were unaware of.

The item I purchased was a pentagram cookie stamp. The total cost was under $20.00.
They took $30.00 from my account. My account was overdrawn $26.00 and then a $10.00 overdraft charge on top of that then $12.00 fee to put a stop payment account for the $30 Paypal took from my account. If you add that all up, it totals to: $48.00, nowhere near what I originally intended to pay. I also have to renew the stop payment in three months to keep them from taking money to my account. This could happen to you. It might already be happening.

I suggest people either cancel their accounts, withdraw their hard-earned funds, and run for the hills. Keep a hawk eye on all activities with your bank accounts and keep a desktop and paper file for your transactions with Paypal. This allows you to keep track of everything and then you will have evidence of any transactions that were unauthorized by you.

Be warned, dear witches, of where you slap down your plastic or which button you press online. With one click of the mouse, your money could disappear. Guard your dollars well. Have a dragon or two to breathe fire on Paypal should they be eager to come peddling to your door.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch