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Invocation to Bast

Merry Meet All,

Black cats are a famous symbol of Halloween. But cats are also at risk at this time of year. It is imperative that you protect your frisky felines. Here is a meditation for you to try to invoke the Egyptian Goddess Bast. I performed this meditation at my altar at Samhain. I am going to write it like how I experienced it, but you can rewrite it and alter it to your preferences.

I entered a temple. In the temple, were lots of cats- no surprise, and the Egyptian Goddess Bast. The temple was dark and the hall was dark. I walked down a long hallway, fragrant with incense. On either side of me were beautiful cats watching me as I stroke down the corridor. I reached the end of the hall, which opened into the main room of the temple. The cats kept watching me. At the head of the room, across a huge pool, was a woman and a cat. I assumed it was Bast. I bowed and implored Bast to protect my cat Lady Shadow. I bowed again, left an offering, and exited the temple.

In China, the tiger is considered the king as opposed to lions. The tiger is associated with Tsai Shen Yeh, the Chinese God of wealth. Asian lore portrays the tiger as the guardian of the dead. The tiger is sometimes seen in graves for protection, ensuring peace for those who have passed away. The symbolism of the Chinese Tiger is power, energy, royalty, protection, generosity, illumination, and unpredictability. Tigers are associated with yang energy and are a solar animal which corresponds with the solar symbols of the sun, summer, and fire.

Meditate on the Chinese tiger if you wish to honor one who has passed on. If you want to attract wealth to your life, concentrate on wealth and copper coins.

I hope your cats stay safe this Samhain.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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Samhain Magick

Merry Meet All,
I have a new kitty. Her name is Shadow because she is dark as shadow, light and quick. Shadow is the right cat for me. I may have to keep my piggies under lock and key. She is two years old perfect. Shadow is curious and likes to sit on her perch at the window. She also loves to sleep on my bed. She will adjust to living in a new space.

Last night, I performed a Bast Blessing and Protection of Cats Ritual. I set down my Bast statue, a purple flower, a glass of wine, athame, kyanite wand, pentacle, and a bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds as an offering. I invoked Bast and the whole ritual was wonderful. I imagined I was in a temple and that I was a lady who lived then. I didn’t look like I do now. There were other cats there and of course, Bast herself. She has been invoked to protect all cats from harm. I left offerings and left the temple. The ritual was over. Then I performed a Solitary Samhain Ritual.

Later, I took the pumpkin seeds outside as an offering to the Goddess. After, I went to my kitty Shadow and she caught my hand in her paws and purred. Well, Bast is watching over Shadow. I asked a friend of mine to send distance Reiki to my cat Shadow. Shadow told her a lot of stuff-how much she liked my apartment, me, the energy here and my altar. She sits above my altar on the window ledge. The poor kitty was just ‘there’ and not handled or loved. Awww. Well, she’ll be treated well here. Not to worry.

I hope that Bast is watching over all the kitties as this is a time of year when black cats or other cats are kidnapped and ritually sacrificed to a goddess that is not Bast. Bast would not approve of that. Everyone needs to guard their kitties at this time of year.

I wish you all a wonderful Samhain and your kitties too!!!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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