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Merry Meet All,

Beltaine is a few days away. I bet you are all excited. I heard of someone who made over eighty ribbons for this festive Sabbat. Wow!! Beltaine is about passion, life and rebirth. I can see green creeping back into the world when I look out my backyard window.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your altar. Clean, cleanse and smudge first!! Use lots of greens. Place a god figure on your altar to honour and reflect the greenery of the season. Buds on the tree boughs, daffodils and tulips blooming, all symbolize spring. Make your own Maypole tree. Add a Goddess statue to the altar. The fertile womb of the Goddess is honoured at Beltaine as well. You can use a cup, cauldron, or other feminine items.

Add spring flowers to your altar- crocuses, hyacinths (smell heavenly), daffodils and tulips. The tulips and lilies are growing in my garden. If you planted bulbs in the fall, they will grow now and that can be fun to watch. You can take a cutting from a flower in your garden. Make a floral crown to wear with wire or pipe cleaners, twine, and flowers.

Since Beltaine is a fire festival, incorporate fire into your altar setup. Use candles or a brazier to make the Fire Element a part of your ritual.

Some items to use on your altar are:

May baskets
honey, oats, milk- leave as a libation to your garden
Antlers or horns
swords, lances, arrows.

Perform a ritual to welcome the faeries back to protect and bless your garden/ indoor plants. Enjoy your beautiful altar and have a merry Beltaine!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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