Helen Creighton Bluenose Ghosts

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Today we are going to look at another legendary master of folklore, Helen Creighton. She wrote the awesome book Bluenose Ghosts. She also wrote the book Bluenose Magic, both of which I own.

Bluenose Ghosts by Helen Creighton was an instant hit when it was published and is still a great book now. The ghost stories are told by ordinary people from Nova Scotia told over a period of thirty years. The book is blood chilling. It was first published in 1957. Helen Creighton is one of Canada’s most respected and renowned folklorists.

Bluenose Ghosts is in its second edition, with a foreword by Clary Croft, another folklorist from Nova Scotia. I love this book and admit that I was scared to read some parts of the book. The ghost stories were that scary. The stories are about forerunners, phantom ships, devils and angels, headless ghosts, animal ghosts and strange lights, haunted houses and poltergeists.

Bluenose Ghosts is an excellent book for anyone interested in local folklore, or for who likes to get scared by ghost stories. Here is a tale about a headless ghost: “Liverpool (Nova Scotia) is the scene of our next story. “At Cape LaHave a headless man had to go out at twelve o’clock at night on the first day of March to put a buoy down. From the same village another man went out at the same time to mow a swath, and what you moved was your own piece. Well, this night as they were going to their different businesses they met, and it was at the spot where there is an old cannon. They both swore they saw an old-timer sitting on top of the old cannons in old-fashioned and no head on. He was wearing an old split-tail coat.” (Page 158.)

Creighton effortlessly captures the voice of the people and their personalities. You hear their voice in the pages as you read, spellbound.

The quote above brings to mind the story of the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow. This book is almost like a textbook on how to write local ghost folklore. It is considered a definitive work and is one of the best in its field. Her other book is Bluenose Magic, which contains tales about forerunners and poltergeists, and treasure. fairies, the Mi’kmaq, witchcraft and enchantment, dreams, divination, superstition, and home remedies. They are both excellent books. Bluenose Magic is a thicker book, but contains the magic and mystery that is characteristic of Nova Scotia. I would recommend both these books to eager readers. Bluenose Magic also has a foreword written by Clary Croft.

I hope you enjoy reading the books I have posted about in my blog and perhaps find a ghost story or two of your own.

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