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Merry Meet All,

The harvest season has arrived. Many witches/ pagans/ wiccans/ heathens, are out in the gardens gathering herbs, roots, flowers, or grains. We are all familiar with what to harvest and when- but are we familiar with what to use to harvest?

Bolines are a common tool in witchcraft for harvesting herbs. Bolines are the witch’s utility knife and are used for cutting items on the physical plane. Athames are used for cutting energies and draw energies on the spiritual plane. Bolines are used to cut cords, herbs, roots, and ribbon. A boline can be used to carve on candles or runes. A boline has a crescent-shaped, sickle-like shape. The handle of the boline is usually white, a polished burnt bone.

The boline resembles a scythe more than a knife. This is why bolines are associated with the harvest, because the scythe associates with the cutting of plants and grains from the ground. The blades of bolines curve inward in a crescent. The sharp edge is on the inside of the crescent and a boline has one sharp edge. Be careful how you wield a boline to avoid harming yourself or something else. Bolines remind us of when hand held sickles were used in harvesting crops. Bolines were used mostly for harvesting plants and herbs for magickal use.

There is some debate about how to use a boline. Some witches believe the boline should only be used in ritual. Keep in mind the true function of the boline. It can be used in ritual and mundane activities. A boline can be consecrated, cleansed and dedicated to magickal purposes. Some witches believe a boline is not even necessary. Do what feels right for you.

Bolines are a important tool in your arsenal. Like all ritual tools, the boline should be dedicated prior to use. Enjoy your boline and may it serve you well in all your magickal workings!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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