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Blood Moon of Samhain

Thunder Moon July 2013

Merry meet all,

This rainy morning I was in my garden and I decided to harvest the tiny carrots. I fed the carrots to my pet guinea pig/ animal familiar Magic. He devoured them in seconds. I knew he would because the carrots were organic. He squeaked for more but that was all I could offer him. I put the soil from the pot on to my garden. The soil is full of nutrients for the garden. I trust Magic enjoyed his free organic breakfast of carrots and carrot tops. I harvested a pea and shallots. The single tomato was in too bad form to keep so I left it to compost in the garden. 

Tonight is the Blood Moon of October. The Blood Moon is powerful. Tonight there will be a lunar eclipse. The moon is at 25 degrees Aries. The Blood Moon is also known as the Shedding Moon or Falling Leaf Moon. 

The colours that correspond with the Blood Moon are dark blues, black and purples. The gemstones that also correspond are obsidian, amethyst, and tourmaline. Apples and yew trees correspond and apple blossoms, pennyroyal, mint, catnip, and sweet annie. Herne, Apollo, Cernunnos, an Mercury are right for the Full Moon. The Elements of Air and Water correspond with the Blood Moon. You can invoke these elements or decorate your altar tonight with these herbs and gemstones. 

Tonight would be the perfect time for divination. It is close to Samhain. Consider contacting your ancestors or a deity. If you read Witches Book of the Dead or Nocturnal Witchcraft, you can get some great ideas on how to set up an altar and contact spirits in a fun and still safe way. 

May the Goddess bless you with a magical Blood Moon


Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Spring Sprouts

Merry Meet All,

Beltaine is coming! Before you know it, you will all be dancing round the Maypole!! I bet you’re all excited. I will have lots of fun stuff here so you will be prepared for Beltaine. Beltaine is the third spring Sabbat in the Wheel of the Year.

I heard of a way to grow carrots. Or, rather, the carrot tops. You need the carrot top (without the leaves), and it should be one inch in size. Cut the carrot top off and place it in a bowl full of water. Push two toothpicks into either side of the carrot and suspend the carrot top just above the water in the bowl. Place the bowl on a sunny windowsill. Soon you will have nice green carrot tops growing. I plan to feed the carrot tops to my pet guinea pig, Magic. He will love that. I plan to grow carrots and peas in containers indoors as well. The slugs eat everything in sight.

My potted garlic is growing well. Graceful, long shoots are growing from the garlic bulb. I spotted tulips, my bugleweed and woodruff, chives, are coming up in my garden. Each passing day, it becomes more spring. This is an exciting time.

Stay posted, as I will be posting more about Beltaine.

Plants in photo: From left to right, garlic, orchid plant, tomato sprout begun from seed, umbrella plant, and carrot

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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