Cat Magick

Merry Meet All,

Today I am posting a topic on cats. Recently my cat needed medical attention, and it pushed me to blog about cats. I hope the cat people out there will be able to relate to this post.

First off, I can hear you all chanting,”Cats own you.”This is a fact. They choose you. They expect love and care and they get it. My cat is spoiled. She has a large blue litter box, a large blue striped litter mat and litter locker. Whoever invented litter lockers was a genius. She sleeps on the table and does whatever she wants. She naps anywhere she pleases. She is the one and only in my heart.

So I thought you would be pleased or inspired as you read this post full of suggestions to practice some cat magick in your own home. Let’s get started.

I set up a cat shrine. I put down a cloth on a flat surface. I set down a Bast cat statue, my animal totem Tiger figurine for Mishra, an animal skull I found on a hike, a bag of catnip, tiger’s eye, blue tiger’s eye, a jade stone, a bright shimmering blue cat’s eye crystal in the shape of a heart, two cat tarot decks; one in a cool black tarot bag with the face of a cat on it, and the other in a box on the altar. A dried rose and two books on cat magic and lore that I bought. The first book is The Good Cat Spell Book by Gillian Kemp and the second book is Your Magickal Cat by Gerina Dunwich. I love both these books.

You can set up a shrine for your kitty using mine as an example, or get creative and try your own. Use your imagination!!

Here is a spell on how to make a witch cat jar to protect your cat. With a red permanent marker, label the jar ‘Witch cat jar’ and draw a cat on the jar. Open the jar. Make sure it is clean. Add purple beads, straw strands from your besom, birch leaves, sage and catnip. Store the jar somewhere special.

Do you know your cat’s astrological sign? My Lady Shadow is a capricorn. If you know the birth date of your favorite feline, then it will easy to find out the cat’s sign. The astrology of your cat can reveal a lot about your cat’s personality and temperament. Shadow is loyal and stubborn, but will not share as much affection with others as she would to me. Steadfast and loyal, they make a great companion/ animal familiar because they do not wander off.

Do not be surprised if your cat prefers to be involved when you are practising magick.

I also want to post one more note: Sometimes our furballs fall ill. It happens. I urge you all to avoid pet stores for medicine. Seek the medicines at a vet hospital. I know you pay more but you pay for quality medicine to help your pet achieve the best health. Trust me on that. I speak from experience. They deserve it. Meow!!!

Blessings to you and your familiars,
Lady Spiderwitch + Lady Shadow