Winds of Change

Merry Meet Everyone,

Have you felt the stirrings of early spring? Spring is here and winter, the Crone’s time, is pushed down to make way for the time of the Maiden. The young sprouts push out of the frozen yet unthawing cold earth. Buds are ripe to bursting on the tree boughs. The wind is slightly harsh yet warm at the same time. Change is coming.

I welcome the change of the seasons. I always look forward to spring. I have a garden and am excited about the new green shoots in the garden. My woodruff, lemon balm, chives, yarrow, lady’s mantle, crocuses, snowdrops and tulips are the first to show their green faces. I cleared away the leaves to reveal the dark soil beneath.

I have other changes in my life, besides gardening. My landlord is retiring from being a landlord and is now passing on the crown to someone else, so to speak. I have made changes to my wardrobe. I think there is room for more so I eagerly await to see what may come my way. Are you finding spring heralding any changes in your own lives? Take stock and record it in your personal journal or Book of Shadows. Take time for reflection. Welcome change in all of its forms. I hope that the winds of change bring to you what you hoped for.

Blessed Be,
lady Spiderwitch