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A medium acts as a channel between the spirit and living people. The person who receives and information is the information. Some mediums enter a full trance, where the spirit temporarily takes over their body. Some mediums meditate to communicate with spirits. Mediums use automatic writing. The hand appears to move by itself to scribble words. They are being controlled by the spirit they channeled.

There are varying levels of mediumship; one example is when a spirit takes control of a medium’s voice and leaves a message. A common one is when a medium hears a message and passes the message on.

Mental mediumship

The medium mentally “hears” (clairaudience, “sees” (clairvoyance), and/or “feels” (clairsentience) messages from spirits. Mediums are aided by a spirit guide, the medium passes on information from the spirits to the querent/s.

Trance mediumship

“Trance mediumship” is known also as a part of mental mediumship. The medium enters a trance and puts ego aside to allow the spirit to communicate.

Physical mediumship

It is a manipulation of the medium’s energies and energy systems by spirits. Physical mediumship involves manifestations such as loud raps and other noises, voices, materialized objects, spirit bodies, or levitation. The medium is the source for spirit manifestations. Physical mediumship implies an effect that is manifested upon objects existing on the physical plane, like tables, ectoplasm, by means of interaction with substances derived from the spiritual plane of existence.

One type of non-physical mediumship is the channeler enters a trance, or “leaves the body”. The spirit borrows the channeler’s body, who talks through the medium. The medium’s body is catatonic. The medium’s voice completely changes. The spirit answers questions.

Let me caution you to not go overboard with mediumship and spirit communication. Mediums who are experienced know how to ground and center themselves, and never allow an evil entity or lower level earthbound spirit to totally control them. You must know how to protect yourself.

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