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Horrors of GMO food by Monsanto

Dog days of summer

Merry meet all,

Today I am continuing with my mission of informing the public about Monsanto and what they are doing to food and our bodies. Instead of me doing all the talking, I am including many links for you to view at your leisure. Watch and read them. Also, remember to make healthy food choices. The horrors of aspartame lurking in Diet Coke and its impact on your health What is REALLY in our milk. Find out where a March Against Monsanto is in your area. Pray the world comes to its senses in time. Threat of nuclear disaster against Syria. Petition against secret deals with trade and Monsanto.

I used to have a successful blog at Blogger and talked a lot about organic food. My blog may have been hacked. Maybe someone didn’t like what I was writing about. Like stuff about genetically modified food and the slow control they are taking of even our own bodies. Well stand and unite. Take back your power. Educate yourself with these links. Reclaim the Power. I will not be stopped. I do not know if my blog was hacked but I shall continue to educate the public about food.

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch

Nature is my teacher.


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Plight of the Bees

A bee on my coneflower – photo

Merry Meet All,

This is horrifying news. 25,000 Bumble bees were found dead in a Target parking lot. What an ignoble end to such a hardworking insect.

Here is the link:

I am just disgusted because I know darn well why this happened. I blame Monsanto wholeheartedly for the plight of the bees. That is a lot of dead bees. They work hard all their lives to pollinate plants. It is an outrage. What will it take for the people to stop dumping such terrible toxins on the earth and expecting the earth to just take this shit?

I am enraged. All bees do is produce food for us and this is how they are thanked. I hope the Goddess raises her horns and stabs Monsanto’s ass with her horns. It is an outrage. It is one of the worst documented deaths of bees in the Western U.S. If the bees perish, we perish. That is how it should be. Go ahead and call me an extremist but I am busting my ass trying to grow a garden to aid the bees. And this is what happens. It is those toxic chemicals.

Boy am I angry. We all should be. No bees, no pollinators, no food. We are in trouble. But don’t we deserve it?

Lady Spiderwitch


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