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November Mists

Quickening Moon

Merry meet all,

Today is my birthday. I miss being excited about getting older. The somber sky is typical of November. I wish I was more enthusiastic about my birthday but I am nursing a broken heart.

I’ve made a decision. While this may seem a surprise to some, I’ve decided I no longer want a romantic mate in life. I haven’t found love my this age and I won’t say how old I am, but if I haven’t found love by now, it will never happen. From what I’ve seen in men, and I am not saying all men are like this, but some are heartless, selfish, and cold. So what I am saying is that better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel miserable.

My decision makes me feel peaceful. I live a certain way. I don’t think the world is ready for Witches and Wiccans or Heathens.

I am participating in a Magickal House Cleaning Challenge. I found out about the challenge on Facebook and am now cleaning my house by mopping, sorting clutter, and sweeping floors. Now the next task for me is to clean my fridge, which I grudgingly admit needs cleaning.

This challenge continues until December, I think. I enjoy the tasks and every day I have to read an affirmation and then perform the task. After this is over, I will have a sparkling clean magickally charged home!!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch

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Autumn Magic

Merry Meet All,

I hope you enjoyed reading the previous post about the ghost tour I was on. This post will be a different topic than that. But not to worry, fall is almost upon us and there is plenty to look forward to. The dark half of the year is coming.

Here are some ways for you to enjoy the rest of the summer vacation. Go for a nice long walk on a nature trail and enjoy the sights of bees, birds, dragonflies and butterflies buzzing around the flowers. Collect the seed heads if they are dried to plant them next spring. Dry some herbs to make a refreshing cup of herbal tea and share with your friends. Put plant supports in your garden if some of your herbs and flowers have grown tall. Remember to water your garden on hot days and to mow the lawn to keep the lawn in good shape. Keep your gardening tools in good condition. Watch a sunrise.

Trim back plants and spread fallen leaves on your garden. The leaves will turn into mineral nutrients. Earthworms turn them into fertilizer. Plan where and which spring bulbs you want to grow next spring. The leaves protect the spring bulbs from a harsh frost. Plant chrysanthemums in your garden for a splash of fall color.

Keep your garden, lawn, and decks clean. Put tools away and after the frost, put your garden knickknacks such as ceramic toadstools, fairy statues, or what you use to decorate your garden in an easy to find spot for next spring. Leave an offering of thanks to the spirits and faeries who assisted in tending and protecting your garden.

Decorate your altar to correspond with the arrival of autumn. For example, my altar cloth is a light beige brown print with white and beige oak leaves all over it. The light beige brown color of the cloth reminds me that fall is not far. Make a wreath of corn, leaves, dried leaves, or corn stalks and hang it at the door. Display leaves in a basket with corn, gourds, or small pumpkins. Add a ribbon for flair. Other activities can include candle making, soap making, salve potions, visiting an apple orchard, and making ciders and bread recipes.

The cold season seems a long way off, but with the proper preparation, the transition will be easier. It is almost time to prepare for that. Autumn Equinox lands on September 21-22 next month. I wish you all a wonderful autumn season.

Lady Spiderwitch</i

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