Clearing the Trees

Merry Meet All,

Mosquitoes know no mercy. I am mosquito bitten all over and sunburnt. I have been busy in my garden. As evidence, I am scratching all over like a crazed monkey. My Mother came over and applied her intelligence and muscle. Together, armed with tools, we felled the heavy tree branches and suckers growing on or near the trees. We also cut down a pine tree. The result of that effort is a clearer patch where the sun can shine through. I will not have such a dark shade garden now. The clearing should have been done a long time ago. The cats can scamper through the brush easier now, because the trees were cut down and the brush was cut. Cats nap and hunt mice in my garden and the backyard. I have room to plant more plants if I choose. I am happy with this hard work.

I refilled the bird feeder, trimmed the tall grass, and fertilized the lawn and garden. I added a second trellis for the peas, which are flowering and growing taller. The pumpkin vine has a flower and bud. The tomato vine I began from seed is taller and reaches the tomato cage wire. The tomato vine from my sister is flowering. The bee balm, comfrey, and mugwort are near ready to flower. The white echinacea has blossomed. My garden is growing fuller and more beautiful each day. Each morning, I love to visit and worship my garden, coffee in hand. I harvested a pile of red clover and bundled the clover to dry for teas. The astilbe is soon to blossoms. Everything is on the crest of flowering. I cannot wait to see bees crawling over the flowers. I want to help them as much as I can.

Once the bee balm, comfrey, and pumpkin vines blossom, the bees will be busy. The purple coneflower is soon to bud flowers. I can tell. The lemon balm is growing nicely. The garden is growing beautifully. I also had a surprise- I have yellow foxglove growing in my garden.

My garden may be high maintenance but it is the pride and joy of my life. I hope you are all having success with your gardens. Remember to honour the faeries’ help and the insects help in your gardens. Do not use pesticides, instead, attract pollinators to your garden. This will aid you in your garden far more than chemicals.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch