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Cold Wolf Moon

Merry Meet All,

Who says January isn’t an exciting month? I have been busy. The Cold wolf Moon will howl in the night sky on January 26. Imbolc occurs on February 2. There is lots to do and prepare for. Imbolc is about the return to the light half of the year. Burn frankincense to invoke the energy of the sun.

The Crone is fading in her power. The Maiden emerges in the spring. The Crone is still there, hiding in the shadows. You can still call on her for wisdom and strength at the full Cold Moon. Visualize a Goddess, older, wise and strong, and leave an offering for her. Consider her to be your mentor. Light a candle and offer sandalwood incense. Ask her to be your guiding light.

Cold as stone, the night you roam,
Guiding light leads me home

Meditate also on the energy of the wolf. Draw the wolf card in your animal totem deck and see if there any messages for you. Wolves are one with the night and the moon and its phases.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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