Mabon Harvest

Merry Meet All,

As I write, I am sipping apple cider and gazing out my window to view the early stirrings of fall. The leaves on the trees are turning. The air is cooler. I have returned from my walk on the trail. As I walked on the trail, I saw bees and butterflies collecting the last of the pollen from the many wildflowers that grace the sides of the trail. The squirrels and chickadees were chirping. The temperature was hot with a tiny nip in the air. No doubt about it, Fall has arrived.

I purchased a wreath on discount from Michael’s Arts & Crafts. I decorated the wicker wreath with dried leaves, dried flowers and artificial leaves and berries. I found a lovely leaf on a tree and took it with me. It was displaying the traditional autumn colors of fierce reds, oranges and golds and when I got home, I tucked it into the wreath. Wreath decorating is not difficult to do and is a wonderful way to welcome the energies of fall into your home.

When decorating your own wreath, choose a wicker wreath that is in good condition and sturdy. Hang it on the wall where you can easily see it. Make sure to tuck in the ends and stems of your leaves or flowers and let the leaves, flowers and berries show the wreath off. You do not have to cover every inch of the wreath. Let some of the natural beauty of the wicker show. The fiery colors of the leaves, and flowers will enhance the wicker. The vines can give the wreath an airy look. With these steps, your own wreath will be beautiful and inspire you to celebrate autumn. Autumn is a magical time of year. Let the magic into your home.

The dried flowers were from the nature trail walk that I take every day. I collected red clover and goldenrod, dried them and then tucked them into the wreath. You can use pine cones, acorns, nuts, flowers, leaves and even grapevines if you are so inclined. Use your imagination.

Buy a wicker horn of plenty and stock it with seeds, Chinese Lanterns, almonds, acorns, pine cones, nuts, berries and dried leaves. Leave it near your altar to invoke a feeling of fall.

There is no end to the bounty of nature. I will have a lovely harvest of herbs this fall. Fennel, dill, calendula, lemon balm, sweet wormwood, tarragon, pineapple, spearmint, and chocolate mint, yarrow and mugwort. Lemon balm is growing everywhere in my garden. I picked up a garden sage plant from the Farmers Market on Saturday. I plan to winter it indoors then next spring, plant it outside. I am leaving my Echinacea flower because last year I had three flowers and I picked them. This year I have one flower so I am letting it go to seed and be food for the birds and bees. My Euonymus shrub will turn brown and pink this winter and be shelter for the birds. It is an evergreen and this is its first winter, so I am excited to get to witness its change in color this winter. This is the first year that my hosta has flowered.

I will be happy to get to store lemon balm, fennel, calendula and dill seeds. That will help when I want to plant more of them in the future. Clean your jars and get some brown paper bags. Ensure your jars are completely dry before you store your herbs and seeds in them. Use your mortar and pestle to grind the roots, bark, berries, resins and leaves. Label everything and store out of direct sunlight. Enjoy your harvest.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch