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Ostara Crafts- Ostara Tree

Merry Meet All,

That came as a surprise. It is snowing out when just yesterday I was admiring my snowballs and crocuses that bloomed in defiance of winter. It is not time yet for plants to emerge, brave as they are trying to be.

While we wait with bated breath for the true arrival of spring, we can be preparing for Ostara. Find out if there is a public ritual to be held by like-minded people in your area.

Make an Ostara Tree

You will need:

several tree branches
florist’s foam
a flowerpot
acrylic paint
spanish moss
spring decorations

Paint the pot with spring images such as flowers, rabbits, birds, insects or eggs or use stickers. Allow the paint to dry. Cut a chunk of florist’s foam, and insert the branches into the foam to form a tree shape. Hang the decorations on the branches. Use the Spanish moss to cover the florist’s foam in the top of the pot. You can paint the tree branches with acrylic paint and glitter, if you want the tree to look fairyish or leave the wood natural. Sprinkle glitter on the brnaches and decorations. Ask the faeries to assist you as you empower the Ostara Tree. Place the tree on your altar and use it in a ritual, or as a tabletop decoration.

Try to use branches that are already on the ground.

Good luck with your Ostara Tree!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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