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Crystal cleansing on a Lunar Esbat

Merry Meet All,

Here are some suggestions on how to cleanse your crystals on this Blue Moon eve. The powerful lunar energy makes it a perfect time to perform a cleansing. We use stones for healing and magic and a clearing is necessary for any type of healing work. Crystals need to be cleansed after they are purchased and before any healing work is done. There are a number of ways to do this.

The best way is simple: a bowl of water and the crystal. You should include your intent here too. Ensure the bowl is made of glass and is clean and that the water is pure and clean. Place the crystal in the bowl and leave it by a sunny windowsill or on a windowsill overnight to be charged for lunar energy. When you feel it is the right time, remove the crystal and program your intent into it for healing work.

The second way is with sea salt. Salt is good for cleansing crystals and bad. Salt is ideal for purification but salt strips a beautiful crystal of its color and vigor. I would be careful when leaving crystals in salt. Research which crystals are safe to be left in salt and which are not. If you do cleanse a crystal in salt, leave it in with the tip pointing downward into the salt. You can also try saltwater from a beach. Boil the water to remove impurities then let it cool. Do not use a plastic or metal bowl for cleansing. Salt water is good to use for crystal cleansing, but again, look up which crystals are safe for this. I heard of someone who once left a beautiful valuable opal crystal in a bowl of salt for a long time that stripped the opal of all of its color, leaving it white.

Sunlight can fade crystals of their color. Be careful when doing this. Amethyst, when left on a sunny windowsill, will strip a crystal of its lovely lavender color. Moonlight is a way of cleansing gemstones.

Bury your crystals in a jar or bowl of herbs. Use rose, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood. Lavender would be a good choice, too. This method takes longer than salt. Bury your crystals in the earth. Crystals are derived from the earth. This is helpful when a deep cleansing is needed. You can put the crystal in a plant pot or in the soil in your garden. Remember where you left your crystal to find it again. Place a labeled popsickle stick in the soil.

Another method to cleanse your crystals in to smudge them with burning sage, rosemary, or cedar. Light the smudge or cedar stick while passing the gemstone through the smoke. Smudge your stones after using them for healing.

The final method involves running the stone under tap water. The point of the crystal should be facing downward to run the negative energy down the drain. Never use hot water or the crystal will fracture and break. Visualize a waterfall running down the crystal.

Blessings on this Blue Moon!
Lady Spiderwitch

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