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Deities of Imbolc

Merry Meet All,

Imbolc is associated with Brigid. She is the goddess of smithcraft, poetry, and healing. There are other deities associated with Imbolc and Valentine’s Day.

Aenghus Og, a Celtic god, was associated with love, beauty and inspiration. He went to a lake and found fifty women chained together. One of them was the girl he was in love with, Caer Iborneith. All the girls but the one he loved were turned into swans every second Samhain. Aenghus was told he could marry Caer if he could identify her as a swan. They both turned into swans and flew away while singing exquisite songs to each other.

Cerridwen represents the powers of divination and prophecy. She was the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge in the Underworld. Many other deities may be associated with Imbolc. These are just a few. Imbolc is the time of the early stirrings in the earth and when ewes give birth to kids. The Wheel of the Year turns again.

Make an offering at your altar to the deities of Imbolc. Some offerings could be milk and honey, wine, make a bed for Brigid, offer herbs or seeds. Ask that the deities bless and enchant your Imbolc this year.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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