Diary of my Trip

Merry Meet All,

I apologize for the gap in posting on my blog. I went to the Cabot Trail and while I may have forgot my camera, I have a bunch of good memories to savour from my trip. I had a great time. Below, are the highlights of my trip.

Diary of My Trip

Mom and I arrived in Pleasant Bay this week. We were tired and arrived late in the afternoon. Elsie May squealed in delight to see the car emerge into view in the driveway.

Some highlights of the trip: The horses in the field. One horse was all brown and clearly the dominant horse. The other horse was golden colored with a white wavy mane. They were gorgeous. The sun set in the distance.

The elderberry jam- we collected 4 cups of elderberries to make the jam. I am buying a kit to make my own jam. I loved the outdoor shower.

The hotdogs roasted on the beach. We pigged out on smores. Oh too decadent. My feet are naturally exfoliated. I dipped my toes in the ocean, and walked barefoot in the sand. I soaked my feet in the small lake. Oh my thank you Element of Water.

Good coffee.

Meals eaten at the picnic table. Sun beating down on us as we devour damn good hamburgers. The hamburger meat is grain fed and free range.

Nice people. Always a joy to see Holly.

The chicks in the chicken coop. They are so soft to pet. They are cute. I hope they survive.

The nice hot weather. My sunburn has to turn into a tan. The bug bites I could do without.

I love Niki’s garden. I can’t stop admiring the garden. I can’t stay out of the garden.

The feeling of no pressure all day and that I can do whatever I want. I stocked up on flower heads to grow my own plants. I picked up some gardening tips and tasted borage for the first time. I ate peas off of the vine, ate wild raspberries, and ate good crepes.

That beautiful view of the ocean and mountains. I love that view. I love the scent in the air, oh and the beer. That was good too. I stared up at the starlit sky and the night was so quiet we could hear the seals sing a mile away. They sing at night. I spotted eagles and a hawk. I spotted a moose on the highway. I did spot a snail and a garter snake. It is so quiet as I sleep at night.

Magic ate his first orange. Magic is happy in his cage. I cleaned the shavings and fed him his hay. He is like those chickens. Insatiable.

It was the most amazing magical trip. Gotta love summer!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(