Divination at Samhain

Finale of the Dark Season

Merry meet all,

Divination is perfect for Samhain. You can perform divination any time, but the time and the energy is ideal at Samhain. 

You can use scrying mirrors, apples, acorns, and pendulums for divination. A scrying mirror has a reflective surface. Again, read the books I recommended for more tips on divination. You gaze into the reflective surface and images may appear. Trust your first impressions. You might see fire, clouds, dark stones, and be ready to receive any messages. A scrying mirror is a mirror painted black. They are easy to make. Clean a mirror of dust and spray paint the mirror black. If you apply five coats of paint, the mirror should have a good surface for scrying. 

Peel an apple, and keep the peel in one long piece. When the peel comes, drop it on the floor. The letter it forms is the initial of your true love. Wait until midnight at Samhain, and slice an apple into nine pieces. Carry the apple pieces into a dark room with a mirror. At midnight, eat the apple slices while gazing into the mirror. When  you eat the ninth piece, an image of your lover should appear in the mirror. 

Fill a cauldron with water. Try using olive oil or another essential oil in the water. The drops that float can reveal something. Or light a candle and spill the drops of wax onto the water. See what shapes the wax forms. The shape can indicate something about a future lover. 

Tie a hazelnut onto a string and use it as a pendulum. Take two nuts, one for yourself and one for your lover, place them on a grate on your fire. If they roast quick, your relationship will end quick. If they burn well, you will have a long and healthy relationship. 

Tarot cards are perfect for divinations as well. Use whatever strikes your fancy. Good luck divining your futures!!


Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch 

Kitchen Divination

Merry Meet All,

Divination in the kitchen is a tradition that dates back centuries. Tealeaf readings have been performed for people in kitchens and parlors around the world. Tealeaf readings are popular again today. Information on how to do tealeaf readings and other types of divination are included in this entry.

Botanomancy is a form of divination using herbs by burning the herbs, leaves, and tree branches. The Druids practiced botanomancy with oak and vervain. They worshipped the spirits in the trees. They carved words onto the bark of the tree to divine the future. Seeds were cast to the wind. The seeds that didn’t blow away revealed the answer. They burned pieces of wood and determined the auguries and omens from that. Botanomancy was similar to pyromancy. The Druids sacrificed certain objects to the flames, then watched the flames, and interpreted the omens from the flames.

Have you ever picked a flower then plucked off each petal, while thinking, “he loves me, he loves me not.” That is one of the oldest forms of divination. Other forms are making a wish then blowing on the seeds of a dandelion on a windy afternoon. Spilling seeds then counting them while concentrating on a wish is a form of divination.

Herbs that correspond with divination are bay laurel, chamomile, cinnamon, mugwort, and sage. The priestesses of Delphi chewed on bay laurel leaves to aid them in divination and prophecy. Mugwort can be used to wash divining tools and aid in heightening psychic awareness. Sage cleans the area of any negative energy prior to performing divination. Sage can alter your awareness, making you more receptive to divination.

How to give Tealeaf readings

Tealeaf readings, known as tasseography or tasseomancy, the art of tealeaf readings. It dates back 5,000 years ago in China, when they read the leaves in cups for symbols of meaning. Turkish coffee and other types of coffee grounds have been used for tealeaf readings.

Use loose-leaf tea for tealeaf readings. Use a plain cup without markings as this gives more accurate readings. Place loose leaves in the bottom of the cup and add boiling water. Let the leaves settle to the bottom of the cup. Enjoy the cup of tea or your querent can enjoy the cup of tea and save a small amount of water. After the tea is finished, clear your mind and pick the mug up in your hands.

Say aloud or mentally say a prayer to your guides or deity, or Divine Spirit for guidance during the reading. Take the cup and swirl the leaves clockwise three times. Quickly flip the cup over, bottom side up and put it on the saucer. Tap the bottom of the cup three times. Three is the magickal number. Begin to examine the leaves remaining in the cup. The mug should be free of any pictures on the inside of the cup. You cannot derive an accurate reading from pictures on the inside of the cup.

It is a tradition to read the leaves from the rim of the cup to the handle of the cup, spiraling downward to the bottom of the cup, which represents the future. Strive to have an attitude of service for others. You can perform tealeaf readings for others should the opportunity arise. Make sure to deliver a message for the person’s Highest Good and respect their free will. Be tactful when advising the person of the messages. Be honest and grateful for the opportunity to read for them.


Scrying is a type of divination that can be performed with crystals, smoke, mirrors, bowls of water, or flames to induce visions. Scrying can be defined as peering into a surface to see into the future. I am going to talk about two methods of scrying: pyromancy, with fire and crystals and olive oil divination.

Pyromancy is divining with fire. If you have ever sat around at a campfire, and gazed into the flickering flames then you have practiced pyromancy. Pyromancy is commonly performed with candles.

Light a candle of any size, color, or shape and gaze into the flame. Soften your gaze as you watch the flames. Allow yourself to be open to whatever messages or images you receive. When you sense that you are finished, close your chakras and thank Spirit or your chosen deity for their assistance.

An alternate method is to light candles setup on two candleholders and gaze between the two candles. Again, you have to open your mind and allow yourself to be open to the impressions you receive. When you are done and before you begin, remember to ground and center yourself. Close your chakras and put out the candle flames.

Some fun divinations to perform involve the use of herbs and a cauldron. Select an herb appropriate for divination. The herb should be dried and crumbling to the touch. Bay laurel, lemon balm, mugwort, or sage is ideal.

Light the charcoal disc in the cauldron. Wait until the charcoal disc is ready and cast the herbs onto the charcoal. Meditate on your wish and see how fast the herbs burn. If the herbs burn slowly, then your wish may take longer to manifest.

Sympathetic magick is one of the oldest forms of magick. The idea is that like attracts like. Again, you will need a cauldron and charcoal. Write down your wish on a colored piece of paper with a similar color of ink. Red is for love or energy, green and brown are for earthy related matters, blue is for intuition and dreams, and purple is for spiritual matters. Orange is for creativity and energy. Yellow is for intellectual pursuits. Cast the paper with your wish on it in the cauldron and watch how fast it burns. That will determine how fast your wish comes to you. If it burns slowly, your desire may take longer to manifest. Maintain a positive attitude to draw it towards you.

Olive Oil divination

There is something magickal and romantic about gazing into a cauldron on a moonlit night. This divination is simple yet powerful. Prepare yourself to perform the divination by cleansing yourself and your space. Meditate before hand to be in the proper mindset for the divination. Ensure that you will not be interrupted during this divination.

Arrange your space by placing a small silk scarf on the table. On the fabric, place a clear quartz crystal, a cauldron and a bottle of pure olive oil on the table. Work near a window if you want to catch the moonlight lands in your cauldron. Light some sandalwood incense.

Ask for a reading of the future and fill a cauldron with water. Pour a few drops of the oil onto the cauldron. The drops rise to the surface. Gaze into the cauldron and try to interpret what the oil droplets mean. This divination can be done with pure spring water or essential oils.

If the droplets seperate, you may have a big change coming into your life. If there are certain number of drops of oil, like three or four, trouble may be coming or more than one opportunity in love or employment related matters. If the oil drops spread over a surface, that is a good sign that troubles are behind you. If you keep practicing these divinations, you may become adept enough to perform readings for others. Below are a few more divinations you can try.

Fill a cauldron or bowl with spring water and scry with the water. Do this on a full or waning moon night with the best results.

Thorn apple seeds are a common magickal element. Use nine thorn apple seeds. Pass the seeds through wormwood smoke then rest them on a tray. Interpret the images in the smoke. Burn incense in a cauldron or a clamshell and interpret the images in the smoke.

Divination in the kitchen is a time honored tradition. Enjoy trying out these types of divination in your home alone or with friends. They are easy to do with practice and fun. Enjoy yourself, knowing you are keeping a time-honored tradition alive.

Lady Spiderwitch