Merry Meet All,

It’s Canada Day today. Happy birthday, Canada!!

The moon enters Taurus today. The corresponding colour is silver. Taurus is the sign of beauty, loyalty, and hard work. Think of the elements of Taurus as you go about your day and how you can bring that into your day.

The Celtic tree month of Holly begins on July 8th. The Blessing Moon lands on July 22nd. Lughnasadh begins on August 1st. It’s hard for me to believe we are almost in the harvest season. We are now seven months into the year.

In the witchy news, Doreen Valiente was awarded a blue plaque. Here is the link to the story to read more: http://www.sundayexpress.co.uk/news/weird/411280/Blue-plaque-unveiled-for-mother-of-modern-witchcraft-Doreen-Valiente. This is good news for Witches, Wiccans and Pagans everywhere. It proves witchcraft is becoming more accepted.

I hope you’re all working hard on your gardens. I still have a tray of seedlings that I am hoping to put in the garden soon. The calendula is growing fast, and the lovage, and even rhubarb I began from seed. Soon it will bet time for the harvest. But enjoy summer now while you can.

Lady Spiderwitch