Witches in Style

Merry Meet All,

Yesterday I transferred my veggie seedlings into two large planters. It was a lot of effort and well worth it. Now the plants can grow better because the roots can reach deeper into the soil. My garden is filling up with lovely perennials. Remember to plant seeds that grow above ground during the waxing moon and to plant seeds that grow below ground during waning moon!

One trick that you can try to see if your seeds are good is to tuck the seeds into wet Kleenex and put that in a plastic ziplock bag. You have to wait till the seeds germinate. I am doing that right now with my Tulsi and lovage.

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Summer Solstice in June. But that is a few weeks from now. The moon is in its waxing phase right now. The moon enters void of course and shifts into Taurus then Leo. The corresponding colour today is brown, which I find appropriate. Brown is an earthy colour and I associate brown with grounding energy and the colour of soil. The Full Moon shines on May 25th. I love celebrating Full moon. It is my favourite Esbat.

I am endeavouring to embark on a few creative projects soon. I have a gypsy clothing pattern that I plan to make soon. I also hope to make my own guinea pig tarot or occult deck. I believe guinea pigs are magickal animal familiars, just as much as the traditional animal familiars of yore. I will use card-stock and make prints of the pictures of my guinea pigs. I am also into Feng Shui and I am trying to introduce more water energy into my apartment. My apartment has a lot of earth energy but it needs to be balanced. I am also going to finish my green Arwen gown. I study pictures on Facebook and I am always amazed by the beautiful dresses and costumes witches wear. I will be busy this summer! I also, if all that isn’t enough, plan to make a witchy floor mat for my altar! I think a silver triple moon will be cool.

Here are pics of my inspiration for my costumes: (My gypsy costume)

I also found a pattern for the bewitching blouse in the photo!! I am excited!! Who says we have to be limited to jeans and sneakers?

I wish you all a wonderful Beltaine!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(