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Moon spells of Mabon


Merry meet all,

The Harvest Moon reigns over the autumn skies tonight. This is a good time to casting spells and thanking the Moon Goddess for blessing your gardens with her powerful lunar energy. Remember to thank the faeries and your chosen deities for their aid with your gardens. Mabon is a time of gratitude and balance.

If you are searching for some inspiration on how to celebrate this magical esbat, I have several posts that include rituals and spells that you can try tonight. You may have to scroll to find them but it is well worth the effort.

Mabon begins this weekend. Decorate your altar with a Mabon theme for this Full Moon. Use apples, corn, gourds, pumpkins, and grapevines on your altar. Add a stag figurine for the Horned God and a seashell to represent the Goddess. Use an altar cloth that represents the harvest of Mabon. You can buy patterned cotton fabric at a nearby fabric store. Clear your altar space, wash the floor, vacuum and sweep to rid of dust. This is a major Sabbat. Once your altar area is clean, you are free to dress your altar for some Mabon magick!!

Remember to cleanse your crystals, smudge your house and property, and use silver and white candles in your ritual. Silver and white correspond with the Full Moon. This Harvest Moon, the light is brighter tonight which allows the farmers a longer time to glean their bounty of crops from the fields.

I wish you all a Blessed Full Moon!!


Lady Spiderwitch


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Full Harvest Moon

Merry Meet All,

Today I was awake early. Since I have a backdoor entrance to my lovely garden, I checked my plants. They were dry from not enough rain. I watered my garden. I had to fight my way past the magnificient spider webs to water my garden. The spiders build huge sticky webs every autumn. They are beneficial insects, and help control the insect population. The bugs and birds are busy collecting the last of the pollen. My Echinacea is in full bloom. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

The harvest season is upon us, and there is Mabon and Samhain to look forward to. The Dark half of the year will soon be here. I have spied some colorful leaves on the trees already. I’ve decided to leave the harvest till the end of September. I put some plants in late and I can tell they need time, such as the bee balm. It will be exciting.

Full Moon is also coming soon. So get ready for an exciting season!!

I hope you all have a wonderful harvest season. May the God and Goddess bless you with a bounty of herbs this autumn!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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