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Herb Crafts

Merry Meet All,

Today, as promised, I am going to post more information about herbal crafts. I will follow that up with a post about my super creepy experience on the scariest ghost tour I ever had. So make yourself a hot cup of tea and get comfortable.

How to make a faery talisman of protection for children

Supplies needed: pink candle, rose quartz crystal, herbs, pink fabric, needle and thread, embroidery thread, scissors, a bowl, and a sewing machine.

Make an infusion of rose water and soak the fabric in it to purify and cleanse the material. When it has dried, cut the material in to a heart shape. Leave a hole at the top and stuff the sachet full of herbs. Empower the sachet for good energy. Attach the triquetra to the heart.

Hang it where your child sleeps, knowing your child will sleep safely.

Lady Spiderwitch

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