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Merry Meet All,

I hope you all don’t have trouble finding this site. I have revamped my blog page and hope you find it as interesting as its predecessor.

Summer is a magical time of year. It follows summer and precedes fall. Plants grow and bloom. Bees collect nectar and spiders patiently repair webs. Personally, I am always amazed by the tireless efforts of bees and spiders. Bees begin their busy day of sipping nectar or pollen at 6 a.m., and even nap in flowers. It makes me wish I was that small. Imagine the beautiful scents they smell and the textures of the insides of all the flowers they visit. I am happy to have attracted bees to my garden because they are endangered. We depend on bees more than we can admit. I recently set a mushroom ornament in my garden to attract fairies. If they like it, I haven’t seen one on it yet but I do see the bees.

The plants that grow in our gardens have benefits to our health. I recently discovered that flaxseed tea helped to soothe a sore throat and aid in healing a cough. Organic flaxseed tea, steeped with lemon and honey, aids in relieving one of a persistent cough. It truly works. I have tried it and I know it works. It does not completely cure the cough instantly but may be more healthy and affordable than a small pack of Halls cough drops. I admit to using the cough drops, but now that I have tried flaxseed tea, I am sure there is no comparison.

I purchased a wonderful oracle deck recently. The Enchanted Faerie Oracle It comes with a book and a silver organza bag and a wee faerie pendulum necklace. Jessica Galbreth, whose faery art is on this blog, is an extraordinary artist. There are 36 cards in the deck in total. I have used the cards for a reading for myself lately and they proved to be VERY accurate. The cards are all beautifully illustrated and there is an explanatory message at the bottom of each card. For instance, Silver moon fairy is written at the bottom of the card and that tells what card that is. On the card, there is a picture of the Sliver Moon Fairy. The book will explain the meaning of the card. The reader can interpret their own idea of what that person thinks of the card. Our impressions are usually quite accurate. We should learn to trust them. Trusting our own impressions is a great way to get to know the cards and flex our intuition muscle. If you feel drawn to a card or a message or a deck, trust your feelings to guide you. You are being guided and given a message. All of the cards are wonderfu. There are spells and enchantments to try as well with the cards and pendulum. Let some faery magick enchant you!!

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