Yule Crafts- Pipecleaner Pentacles, Cookies, and Yule Logs

Merry Meet All,

A light dusting of snow covers the ground outside. When I was younger, the snow would be up to my waist. I know we will get snow in January.

Are you like me? Do you save special yule decorations and hang them on your tree year after year? I do. I have some that are quite special to me. Make a pipecleaner pentacle to hang on your yule tree.


Bend the first stem into a circle, and then overlap the ends by an inch, and twist them closed.

Take the second stem, and make three arms of the star inside the circle. Twist the stems around as you make the points. This will keep it from sliding apart and ruining the efforts.

Take the last stem to create the final two arms of the pentacle. Use the remaining length of the stem to twist into a loop to hang your pentacle.


To make a Yule log, you need the following:

A log that is about14-16″ long
Dried berries,
Cuttings of mistletoe, holly, pine needles, and ivy
feathers and/ or cinnamon sticks
Red or green ribbon
A hot glue gun

Now wrap the log with the ribbon. Once you have done that, you can begin gluing the other items onto the Yule log. Glue on the cinnamon sticks, berries, and ivy. Then once you have decorated your log, decide what to do with it. It may make a lovely centerpiece and you can burn it in your fireplace or in a fire pit outside.

Well I hope you find other great crafts to make this Yule, and that you enjoy the Yule season with your friends and family. Merry Yule!!


I recently ordered a pentacle cookie stamp for Yule baking. You can try pressing a pentacle or other Yule symbol into your holiday baking. You will transfer the energy into whatever you are cooking! Pentacles represent earth energy and that corresponds with the earth energy. As you eat the cookies, you take that energy into you.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch