Waxing of the Moon

Merry Meet All,

The moon is currently 92% illuminated and is in the Waxing Gibbous phase. Gibbous is an astronomical term for describing a planetary body that is almost fully lit up. Tonight you can see the moon glowing in the night sky. The next phase is the Full Moon. That brings culmination. The current Gibbous phase now tests our patience and forces us to resolve our current pressing issues.

In 2 days there will be an eclipse bringing a time of shifts and changes as Mercury and Jupiter (Ideas and Belief) make an aspect. This is a great night to review goals and intentions and reaffirm what it is you wish to manifest. Create a positive affirmation so that when Mercury and Jupiter align, you are ready to set it in concrete.

The moon entered Libra this morning and remains there until tomorrow afternoon when the moon goes Void Of Course. Libra is about finding balance. Libra brings beauty and creativity to our lives. Heed your inner voice and what your intuition is trying to tell you. Focus on what you need to act on. Mint, thyme and sage will bring renewal. Ylang-ylang in the burner adds a romantic feeling to your home. The corresponding herbs to use are feverfew, violet, catnip, lemon balm and St.John’s Wort.

Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter today signals positive thinking, insight, and teamwork. Today is governed by Mars, the Red planet, the God of War and Conflict, Mars is Action! The energy of Mars is strong, eager and capable to meet the tasks presented. Mars represents our drives and ambition. Now is the time to tap into magicks to meet goals. Tuesday is the day to face down what has hounded you.

Wear the fiery colors of Mars today to signify your willingness to conquer fears. Carry bloodstone or carnelian in your pocket to reinforce your convictions. Work with snapdragons and thistle to create a shield around you.

Burn red spicy candles to add magickal aromatherapy to your home. Cook a lovely meal of fiery spicy foods to bolster yourself for success.

The magickal colour for Tuesday is red. Red is a hot colour and the colour most often selected by extroverts. In China, red is the colour of prosperity and joy. Red symbolizes passionate love. Mars is known as the God of War.

Red is associated with warmth. Red also means danger. Red is the colour of blood, which is associated with warmth and blood.

The Moon rises tonight ~ 17.34 Moon sets ~ 04.26

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(