Merry Meet All,

We don’t have many castles in Nova Scotia unlike Ireland, but as I’ve pointed out, we do have our share of ghost lore. Nova Scotia is famous for its grim history and ghost stories that is related to the history here.

There are stories of forerunners here. A forerunner is a sign of an impending death. Here is an account of a forerunner from the book Bluenose Ghosts by the most celebrated folklorist Helen Creighton.

Imagine that its a dark foggy night in Halifax. You are returning home from work one night and you see a dark tall figure carrying a lantern ahead of you. You pause to take a closer look. His legs are so long you could walk between his legs. The closer you get, the more scared you are. He turns, and without a sound, you see that his face is your own. The apparition is a foretelling of your impending death.

The man who told this story to Helen Creighton did die a few months later. That is eerie. So a warning: If you see a dark figure that bears a strange resemblance to you, turn the other way and run!

Now you do not always have to see an unusually tall man to have an experience or a sign of impending death. This is what happened to me. No one died or was harmed. But I did have a vision of someone in pain before I ever saw or talked to the person.

It all began one night when I was at home with my family. I had a strong feeling that something was wrong, in my solar plexus chakra. I had a vision of my brother’s friend, bent over in pain and surrounded by a fiery red and orange aura. I knew he was in trouble and told this to my family, mystified by my vision. I did not understand then why I was having this vision.

Fifteen minutes later, my brother’s friend Thompson Rahr arrived ill and in pain. We would learn later that his kidneys had failed him. His mother arrived at our house and they all went to the hospital together. I realize now Spirit was sending me a message. I had not conversed with him that day or seen him. He has since recovered well.

Thompson’s incident stirred my mediumistic abilities. Since then, I have always sensed things before they happened. Its known as second sight, intuition, and clairvoyance.

Forerunners are signs of impending death. Maybe that’s why I had the vision- to help save Thompson from an undeserved fate.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch