Midsummer Garden Magick

Merry Meet All,

Did you all enjoy the Full Moon energy? I sure did. I had a very cleansing weekend. I performed the Summer Solstice and Full Moon rituals. I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful Full Moon outside my apartment. I would love to hear how you all celebrated this enchanting weekend.

Midsummer is a magickal time. The earth is in bloom and our gardens are gearing towards ready to bursting. Why not try some faery magick?

The faeries are helping your garden grow. I have a statue of a faery in my garden. She watches over the garden night and day. I also want to put a gargoyle statue to guard the garden too. Midsummer and a full moon signal that this is the time to banish bad habits and what no longer serves you. To see and enjoy the company of faeries, get out in nature. Nature is the faerys’ home so no better place to be. Find a faery triad of oak, ash and thorn. Walk clockwise or deosil, nine times around the circle to find the entrance to view them. The King of the Faeries loves to dance on thyme. Leave them an offering of rose petals, milk, honey or a shiny piece of jewelry.

So the best thing to do to get this Otherworldly aid with your garden is to let your garden be. I do and i know it takes self-control but I find this is the best way to let the garden magically flourish. The other unseen and diminituve helpers of the garden are the insects. Our gardens are the way they are mostly thanks to the insect kingdom. Not the slugs, of course. You can sprinkle sat on a slug or ship it off to the green compost bin, where it will munch the compost to its hearts content. I was in my garden yesterday and I saw a beetle, centipedes, sawbugs and earthworms rummaging about. They are never seen yet they work hard. The most suffering and the hardest workers of the garden are bees. The bees are suffering unduly thanks to the evil corporation of Mordor/ Monsanto. They are causing the bees to be endangered. We need bees to have food to eat. They are never thanked for all the hard work they do. So I highly urge you to do whatever you can to help attract bees to your garden. We need the bees. We will not survive without them. I hate Monsanto with all my heart. I do everything I can to help the bees. I would have no garden without them. Please help the bees by planting what would attract them.

My lady’s mantle finally flowered, and the dead nettle flowered. I have a new white Echinacea plant that is about to flower. The leopard’s bane is long past flowering but I left a seed head on the plant to brown and dry out to let me collect the seeds. The peas are growing taller and the radish leaves are taking off now. My comfrey is growing bigger and the purple coneflower is growing bigger too. Soon it will grow stalks and flowers. The rue loves its new home, the tarragon too, and the chives are doing well in their corner. My woodruff has claimed its corner. It looks so magickal, spreading down over that patch. Woodruff makes beautiful groundcover and the bugle weed is now too. My onions are doing well, growing behind the woodruff. Woodruff was used in the past to make wine. THe mugwort has grown regal and tall and showing who is the boss. One of my tomato vines is trying to catch up to the larger tomato plant. I divided up the too large leopard’s bane and planted it in different bare spots of the garden. I plan to make a lovely border with more dead nettle. I can’t wait till my calendula seedlings and the lovage are ready to out to the garden. The romaine lettuce and red poppy are slow to grow- might be growing in their roots. No sign of my chocolate mint and spearmint or shasta daisies yet. The pumpkin vines are slow to grow too. But nonetheless, a beautiful and captivating garden. I have shallotts, calendula, mugwort, and mesclum mix inside. The mesclun mix will stay inside but everything else will go outside.It will keep the bees busy. I want some lungwort and Solomon’s Seal to cover up that bare spot in my garden, next to the new flowering hosta. The yarrow, bee balm, Echinacea, astilbe + and Siberian Iris will hopefully be visited and pollinated by our unsung heroes- the bees.

Help the bees!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

My herbs and vegetable seeds

Merry Meet All,

I am excited! I’m excited because this is my first year in experimenting with container gardening. I have a variety of organic vegetable seeds and seed starting soil, organic Neptune’s harvest fertilizer, and a big deep planter for my veggies outdoors. So read on to see how I did this and how you can too!!

First, you need seeds. I went to Halifax Seed and bought a few organic vegetable seeds packets. I chose a lettuce mix, green onions, carrots and peas. I started tomatoes from seed from other tomatoes already. I bought two seed trays with slots. I gathered my soil, a candle, a spoon, the seeds, the trays and slots, watering can and fertilizer.

I lit the candle and prayed to the God and Goddess to bless this experiment of mine and the seeds. Working in four rows, I planted one row of shallots, one row of lettuce mix, one row of peas and one row of carrots. You can see the seed trays here:

I was hard at work, as you can tell. In the second tray, I planted peas. The expiry date is for 6/2013. The third tray (I used an egg carton) is the lettuce mix. I can’t wait to plant these outdoors. I set them on a large flat piece of wood and set the three trays on top of my pet guinea pig’s cage. The seeds will receive plenty of sunlight and a breeze from the open window. I watered and fertilized the seeds. Now I have to wait for them to germinate.

I bought organic herbs for cooking and magickal workings. I have a lovely thyme plant growing in a gorgeous golden brass cauldron. The tiny leaves cascade over the edge of the cauldron. The dill will be set outdoors, the tarragon is for cooking, and the parsley is for Magic, and the peppermint is to improve the indoor air quality. I am having success with the carrot tops. They are indeed sprouting. I placed a carrot in a bowl of water and I can see sprouts coming up.

It is exciting to watch plants grow. Vegetables are annuals. I have tons of seeds in the packets, enough to grow veggies year-round. Why not? I have enough light, space and soil.

I sterilized the seed trays and planter before I used them. I will put the seedlings in the planter to grow outdoors. The bleach kills any potential eggs from hatching. I also learned a few more tips I would love to share. I planted a sliced green onion, the roots facing down in the soil, and it will grow from that. I am using organic Neptune’s Harvest fish emulsion fertilizer. It is worth investing in this smelly fertilizer because you will reap more fruits, herbs or veggies. It packs growing power to your plants. I can see a major difference in my sage. The sage plant has never looked happier. You will notice an increased bounty if you use that stuff.

Healthy plants are more resistant to disease and pests. I chose organic vegetable seeds that have resistance to disease and pests. I may not have disease ruining my plants, but I am sure the insect population will try to enjoy their share of my veggies before fall comes. I plan to set down some chickenwire to keep out larger pests, some cloches to protect the plants, and mulch to add moisture.

A lot of work! The work is worth it. I bought a kneeling pad, a new trowel, and I need gardening gloves. Otherwise, I am all set. Happy planting! I hope you are all ready for Beltaine!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Rebirthing the Garden

Merry Meet All,

Happy Easter!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Here, the weather is beautiful, my snowdrops are blossoming, and the air is crisp and fresh. It is like a real spring day. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Beltaine, as many of you know, and that happens on May 1st. Today the moon enters Sagittarius and the colour of the day is black.

Ah spring. Spring is muddy, raw, fertile. Spring is the reawakening of the earth, the return of greenery, the rebirth of plants. I prefer summer personally but nothing cheers my heart more than seeing tiny buds emerge from the soil. The buds defy winter.

April is a time when winter is fading and spring is returning. It is the in between time of the seasons. We see patches of snow on the ground and the muddy fresh soil. This is the time when people think about their gardens. Consider performing a ritual to welcome back the faeries and guardians of the garden.

You can perform this ritual indoors or outdoors. It would be better outdoors since this is to request the guardians of your garden to bless your garden.

Say this aloud: (Light a stick of incense and a candle.)
Faery guardians come and play,
Bright blessings to the Fae,
Guard and bless my garden
on this day,
Charm my garden to grow!”

Meditate and visualize faeries dancing around your garden. Bring the candle indoors and allow the incense to burn itself out. Cast off the shackles of winter. Spring is here!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Ostara Gardens

Merry Meet All,

This post is about two different topics. One, I want to encourage all of that if you are starting seedlings to grow in your garden, to buy a new bag of seedling soil. I say this because I started with regular dried out potting soil and that won’t help your plants to grow. I tossed out the soil and recycled the egg carton. Now I have a new bag of proper soil for seeds, a tray, and I have turned it into a mini-greenhouse. The soil you choose to use does make a difference on whether you grow anything. The jiffy pots can be purchased at a thrift or dollar store and are so easy to use because you plant them in the soil with the seedling. You want healthy tomatoes or lavender, right? It will hopefully not be expensive but make a huge difference in helping your seedlings to grow.

Now is the perfect time to plan a magical garden. A truly, bewitching and enticing garden that is pleasing to the eye, day and night. I always let my perennials claim their spots before moving in new plants. Some suggestions for a lunar garden are

dusty millers
silver lamb ears
silver thyme

Flowers with lunar connections are


I planted silver lambs ears beneath my Echinacea. It was a beautiful and bewitching sight. You can always arrange plants to enhance other plants. Once you have grown your Moon Garden plants, dry them to use in talismans and charms, or to dress a Moon candle or as part of a purification bath. Use them in herbal blends to enhance your dreams, intuition, and wisdom.

I hope this encourages you to design and dream about your own gardens. May the energy of the Goddess be with you.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch