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Jack O’ Lanterns Safety


Merry meet all,

I bought a cool pumpkin to carve yesterday. Have you all got a pumpkin to carve? I hope so. Mmm can’t you all taste the roasted seeds already? 

Remember to burn candles and incense safely this Samhain. There is nothing romantic about the Fire Department arriving at your charred doorstep. Believe me. Every year we hold a Samhain Rt on the Commons and every year, some stupid muggle calls the Fire Department out of sheer ignorance. Um, we have a permit. The Fire Dept visited me to tell me I can’t burn resins in my cauldron anymore if it sets off my smoke alarm. So yesterday I bought a book titled Incense Magick by Carl Neal. I plan to read this book cover to cover and learn from it. I admit to having only a limited knowledge but now I will hopefully be able to avoid disaster. 

I have another tip for you. I always compost my expired pumpkins in my garden. I don’t put them in the compost bin once they have served their duty for Samhain. I let the pumpkins rot, which takes months, and the pumpkins add nutrients to the soil. So green your pumpkins!!

Steep sage tea in a teapot and sprinkle it around your house. This creates a safe space and energy to keep out unwelcome spirits during Samhain. I wish  it could keep away nasty people. But steeping sage tea and pouring it around your property creates a boundary. I do this every Samhain and will do that either today or tomorrow. 

Samhain is meant to be fun. So be safe and smart. You will enjoy Samhain even more!

Here is another spooky true tale of a ghost:

I can’t remember if it was Samhain last year or the year before that. I strolled down the hill to view the full moon on Samhain Eve. I wish the moon was full this Samhain. I strolled along the shore to enjoy the moon. I saw a man seated on a bench not far from me. As I approached him, he vanished into thin air. I went straight home. 




Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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October Overture


Merry meet all,

I love October. I loved the sunset tonight, the energy in the air, the Hallowe’en decorations outdoors on peoples’ porches, the shining crescent moon in the sky, the phone calls from my friends. The candy I ate before riding the bus and the cool books on discount at the library. One book is about vampires written by Michelle Belanger and the other was about astrology. Love it, love it.

I thought that a cool thing to do this year on this blog is to hold a horror story flash fiction challenge. I want you to scribble your most genius, most dark, most horrifying stories and yes, you will get to submit them here. I sincerely hope you take up this call to write. C;mon, it’s October. It’s a lifestyle, not a holiday. Or at least it is to me. Be sure to munch on candy corn and sip cider as you rack your genius minds. It is not a competition. I find that word intimidating. However, be tasteful in the horror you write. Nothing too too obscene. But I look forward to reading them. Please send stories. They will be posted here all month!! until the end of the first week of November. So sharpen your pencils!! 

In the meantime, I shall post suggestions on decorations and recipes here. There will be Samhain lore and some Halloween poems. If you want some spooky tunes, you can always download them for free. 

I downloaded the theme music from Sleepy Hollow directed by Tim Burton- a Halloween classic movie. The dollar stores are chock full with all kinds of goodies for decorations, costumes, cooking. If you stalk the aisles now, you might score some cool finds. Check thrift stores. I bought this cool mat at Pier 1 imports. The charm of Samhain is one, storing what you had last year for decoration and finding it again, unless you’re like me and it looks like Samhain all year round. You can find good stuff at cheap stores. Don’t spend a fortune. Browse the past posts for ideas on how to celebrate Samhain in killer style. You could make a cool candle, invent an incense recipe, write your own Samhain ritual. Have fun. October 31 is a few weeks away but I know you’ll be counting the hours, minutes, and seconds down to the 31. 

Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch

P.S. Yes, the welcome mat will be on my floor year round.

 Catty welcome mat


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The Ghost Handbook

Merry Meet All,

I apologize for the lapse in my blog posts. Life got in the way. I am going to review a book I picked up at Chapters yesterday. Most of you are aware that I am penning a paranormal novel. I believe I was meant to pick this particular book up.

The Ghost Handbook – An Essential Guide to Ghosts, Spirits and Specters is a beautifully designed and illustrated book. It is a small book but it is packed with enough colorful photos for anyone who is an avid fan of the paranormal. The book explains the differences between ghosts, spirits and specters. It includes true ghost stories and haunted places, including the infamous Leap Castle. The image of a dusty skeleton lying on the ground, covered in dead leaves and dirt might startle an unwary reader. To be sure, this book is not for the faint of heart. It also includes the tale of the actual Flying Dutchman ghost ship.

I am impressed with this book from Barron’s Educational Series. A ribbon can be pulled over the front cover to close the book or pulled back to open the book. Inside the book, you have to open the door (a page) to read the table of contents. The book is full of tips, facts and strange true stories that might keep you reading all night- or checking over your shoulder. I was surprised about the tale of the Black Abbess, an evil nun supposedly, who turned witch in the last years of her life, searching for herbs and roots in the wild and reading tarot to the royalty.

If you can find this book, pick it up. It is worth it. It was published last year.
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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Paranormal Novel Reference Books

Merry Meet All,

Today I am going to talk about the books I have found to be the most beneficial in writing on the subject of the paranormal. I love the paranormal. It is fascinating to me. Hopefully it holds the same amount of fascination for many others.

Here is a list of books to read to get a good background on the subject. Novels, especially the classics, are great to read to study how to write about the paranormal. Dracula by Bram Stoker should lurk on everyone’s bookcase who want to write a horror novel. It is a classic. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the works of Edgar Allan Poe, The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Best Ghost Stories by Stephen Hrennan. Some other books to read (that I don’t own, but have read) are Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin and Amityville Horror. Pay attention to the writers’ craft and develop your own original voice. Read widely in the genre you have chosen to write in. Chilling Tales anthology by Michael Kelly and Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. Watch the movie of Something Wicked This Way Comes. You will be awake all night.

Once you have read those books, you may have ideas spinning around in your head and want to try to write a short story or a novel. I recommend also buying the books and not borrowing them. I do this because if I want to read or refer to a chapter or a page, I simply pluck the book from my stuffed bookcase and it’s there. I do not need to travel to a bookstore or library in the rain or snow and waste two hours. I like to support small bookstores. Go ahead and get some cool bookends. Dragons, unicorns, whatever strikes your fancy.

Get a good dictionary and thesaurus. Learn your grammar. (I need to.) Don’t be afraid to set a story in a region you are fond of. That can make your story original! You want to be original.

A list of useful books:
The First 50 pages by Jeff Gerke
Writing the Paranormal Novel by Steven Harper
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Dave King
On Writing Horror by the Horror Writers Association
OXford Canadian A-Z of Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation
Formatting and Submitting your Manuscript by Chuck Sambuchino

That may seem like a lot to read, but it is important to get the basics down. I hope this inspires you to pen your own great story. You may be the next Charlotte Bronte or Percy Bysshe Shelley. Good luck!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Merry Meet All,

Do you ever get the creepy feeling there is something behind you or that you are being watched? Today I am going to blog about ghosts. I am fascinated with ghosts. Indeed, ghosts have intrigued people since time immemorial. What is it about ghosts that is so interesting?

I think it is because they represent the unknown, and that is frightening to most people. We have charted the seas, the stars, and the rest of the earth and our galaxy and beyond. The hardest place to conquer for us yet though that we all cannot ultimately escape is death. Death is the unknown and has remained unknown to us. It is hard to say what it is like, or what happens to us because it is so hard to come back and report the experience. A few have experienced near death experiences and are changed forever. That is for the few.

For the rest of us, death remains unknown. Ghosts however, are about the other side. They have died and in that, have accomplished death. The soul has endured and the flesh is no longer necessary. This is my perspective and it is not carved in stone. It is hard to talk to a ghost and find out what it thinks about death. Mediums and psychics are able to connect with earthbound spirits. The majority of ghosts are earthbound spirits that wander the earth for eternity. I think that is a rather bleak future for eternity. We can’t say whether there is a light that spirits cross over into. I haven’t seen it yet.

Some spirits or ghosts may remain on the earthly plane because they are attached to an area, whether that be a battlefield or a home. There may have been a tragic event that pins them to the place’s energy. These spirits may require the aid of mediums or may be trapped to the energy of a place.

Some earthbound spirits are of a lower energy. They may have a dark energy and/or aura. These spirits feed on the energy of whatever is around them, preferably people. I have encountered this and I was unfortunately frightened, which benefitted the spirit, not me. If you have this happen to you, be brave. I know that now. Bravery is best. A ghost cannot actually harm you. They may cause things to move but cannot harm you.

Ghosts may not be that frightening. They do deserve respect. The movie Poltergeist is partly about the ghosts unleashing revenge on the family’s home being built over graves. Bad idea. Profit over peace of ghosts? There might be many graves covered over or destroyed and suburbs built over them. The people who live in those homes may not all be experiencing a haunting to that level, but it is still good to be respectful.

I said earlier that some ghosts could be attached to an area’s energy. I lived in a supposedly haunted home for years. The home was Victorian in style, which didn’t help matters, at least with me. The eerie green stone on the fireplace and the goat head seemed remniscient of the Exorcist. Same with the green door with the small black handle in the servant’s room. Then if that wasn’t enough, in the servant’s room were a low ceiling for people who weren’t tall and made you stoop down. The room was HOT in the summer and FREEZING in the winter. There were no windows in the room. The little black handle took strength to close and open. It slammed shut on a few occasions of its own accord. I leave it to your imagination.

Many other things occurred in that house. We felt watched, heard knockings at night, whispers, saw small falling lights, objects rolled in an unusual way, cupboard doors opened and closed, voices hushed when I opened the door to the CREEPY basement, we felt chased up the stairs to the main level from the basement, the bathtub faucets turned on by itself. Once I heard drumming but there was no drummer in sight. The servant’s door opened and closed by itself. The creepiest was when I was a little younger and I would be wide awake, very still and feel all my hair on my body stand on end as I would listen all night long to sounds when I knew my family was in bed. I heard footsteps go up and down the stairs at night. I saw faces on my posters on my wall. A voice told me to never come up to the attic. I told the ghost, “You’ve got a deal.” Indeed, I had to be almost paid to ever enter the attic. Our dog then Ozzie would stare at something we couldn’t see. I leave it to your imagination.

People often want to convince themselves that there are spirits present. We are capable of scaring ourselves more than any spirits. It is important to be grounded and centered and realistic to determine whether ghosts are present. The taps or steps might just need repair.

If there is a ghost, then say ‘Hello ghost’ and be on your way. I have the ability to sense energies and yes, ghosts but most of them do not and cannot harm you. Good thing to remember.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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